Terrorists BTFO'd!

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Now the government is acting out of fear. Forcing the hand of the government gets easier every day

It’s almost like they want violence

>how a Governor gets recalled 101

she's so beautiful. i'll accept any laws or emergency decrees she wants

Tell me she isn't getting off on this..

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>It’s almost like they want violence
I don't see that at all.

Conservatives are just angry they are being TOLD what to do.

All the while, we're in a mother fucking American civil war, the government against us citizens. Ummm... I might lay low about now.

There is no way to stop the NWO, I tried. They won.

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So brave

>lockdowns, the whole reason the protests even happened, still unilaterally passed by lawmakers for another month
How the fuck is it so easy to trick you guys. No wonder the governments of the world are just putting whites out of their misery

Really hope you break your neck. Suck a bag of dicks. Faggot.

>Conservatives are just angry they are being TOLD what to do.
Everybody else is angry that they're extended the fucking lockdown. Fuck conservatives. Literally just sit down and shut up for 1 fucking month so everything can go back to normal. NPCs have no attention span whatsoever, and no chill. It's a quarantine, not a "let's all mass gather in public so that this takes way longer than it needs to" move. Again I say fuck conservatives. Goddamn retards.

Oh, I've been talking to Angela. She sent me some nudes. Looks amazing since she lost the weight. Gonna meet her Saturday. topkek


A quarantine over a disease that isn't flooding hospitals and majority kills people with already fucked health.

As a Michigan user I enjoy my comfy at-home time, thank you mommy governor

>Literally just sit down and shut up for 1 fucking month
How about fuck you you dumb ass government lover

HAHAHA Magatards getting owned. How does it feel.

So those protestors should do what they were implying.

The problem is the rest of the country is overreacting to what is happening in NYC. Even places with no coronavirus have to pretend like there is so no ones feelings get hurt.

Feminism isn't about making women equal to men, its about women destroying everything that has been made by men and forcing their will on them. That's why jews are inherently feminine, jews fight like women.

It’s a bunch of blacks in flint Michigan causing the bellyaching though, gotta bed over backwards and sacrifice a decade of financial security to save the nonproductive class

lol imagine taking orders from a dude in a wig.
If I lived in Michigan, I'd knife that faggot in his neck on principle.

Fortunately I live in Florida.

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Most jews are 5'4, weigh 120lbs and bitch nonstop
They literally are women

What the fuck are you talking about she's really attractive for a woman in her age

Based Taiwan. The time will come when your people will take CCP land back

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She just knowingly violated her oath of office. I would be slamming the state attorney generals office and the federal courts need to intervene. It's all ready settled law. She needs to be removed, fined and barred from holding public office for life. Sadly that's all that's allowed.

What? She's a woman who enjoys dominating men. What the fuck are you talking about schizo? You're worse than Lambert.

>It's a quarantine
No it isn't. Stop using words you don't know the meaning of.


Thhhh. Thhhh. State of emergency? What is that, some state where there’s lots of emergencies or sumthin? Missed that one in Geography class. Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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Why are they ruining the world over 260k deaths when 140k people die everyday

That's either a dude or a bitch with a sandy pussy.

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even better

Do they think the protests are going to stop?
This and the fact there was no one to stop them will on embolden them.

Poor little guncels got spanked by a strong woman. What're you going to do about it other than obey?

Why do people like you say this after freaking out about protesters open carrying?
You faggots always whine about whites being untouched as well.

100% MILF

Current year Americans are ready to turn anything into a political farce. One can only admire their dedication at showing the stupidity of democracy.

This. 100% would fall into that sloppy wet hole and fill it right the fuck up with a fat sticky load.

Didn’t you guys give up on yellow vest

If what they're saying is true then all of the protestors will die of the chink flu in two weeks.

If they don't, then the heckin scientiserino's were fucking wrong and should be sued

Taiwan #1

Taunting people in an effort to instigate domestic terrorism, seems noble?

Oh you stupid baguette. It is working EXACTLY how it was intended. We fight with ideas, barbarians fight with blood, and baguettes bend over for their daily government fucking

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White people are crazy... we Hispanics are about to break this (((shutdown))) here in Texas.