Ideal world

Created using ms paint

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>retarded map
>almost shame shape of yellow used on borders
You should learn how to draw maps

>>almost shame shape of yellow used on borders
what does that mean

I guess you hate it bc half of Poland went to Germany?

anyways, all of arabia is syria

>Created using ms paint
so is mine, over 6 million hours. What's your point?

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just an ideal world map

Belarus should be part of Russia


>No unified Spain
Absolute trash

Is this meant to offend? You’re only making them look more and more based, Poo

Now change it so half of India goes to Pakistan and see how you react, faggot shit skin

Ethically the same. Very similar language. Culturally the same.

it is actually (note the lighter grey)


>just an ideal world map
If it was 'ideal' there would be a large crater instead of Israel.

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That area is rightful german clay. p*kistan shouldn't exist

dont worry, the smelly island of Madagascar is now Israel. They have no contact with the outside world

Shitty map but youre giving shit to Spain so youre super fucking based.

How is it rightful German clay when Prussia is a meme and the region belonged to Poland for much longer? Fuck off idiot. Your country is a meme too


Thhhh. Thhhh. Ms Paint? Who is she, some painter or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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Half of India is literally Paki clay.

by that logic, the area until minsk is also poland

paki has as much a reason to exist as israel

>dont worry, the smelly island of Madagascar is now Israel
OK I'm fine with that.

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Pakis are just muslim Indians


retarded map

with that map's logic you must be in England as in good old times

I meant same
Anyway, shit map, as expected from a Poo

it's no reason to hate, right? Half of india should belong to Pakistan and you shouldn't hate! Dumbass

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