White suicide

How do we stop white people committing suicide at a disproportionate rate?

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Rise back up and forge a world worth living in again.

Its such a shame that whites feel like they are being forced to end their lives at such a high rate.

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If these gore threads are going to be allowed there are gigabytes of videos of niggers, LGBTQ faggots, and all kinds of brown trash killing themselves and being killed that can be posted. You niggers have been warned

If anyone has more videos like these I wouldn't mind having them for research porpuses.

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could you post them?

Any backstory to that video?

Ya noone posted gore videos on his gore thread so he made his own.

Post some fucking gore

I hypothesize that so many black men resisting arrest and getting killed by cops is their preferred method of suicide.

Tell this to the south koreans and japs...


>how do we stop
Get off Yas Forums.

they will hate the fiery furnace of hell

Remind them of what’s worth fighting for


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why, are you "fascinated" by death? lol.

not whites in that video btw...

>How do we stop white people committing suicide
white men can’t function in a world of lies, it’s odd how niggers, kikes and other varieties of shitskins can though!

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You know that nice warm, tomorrow will be ok and I know exactly what to do feeling you had a a child, and ended in adulthood well normal cultures have that feeling every day of their lives

Mods ban this faggot. He's been posting gore videos since yesterday

You stop suicide by killing roasties who fuck chads and niggers and giving incels women that will love them and have sex with them. Simple

Checked and correct

Uncle is a cop. Suicide by police retaliation is far more common then it seems and its not just a black thing, even washed up celebs have done it.

He looks Mexican.

>gore threads
yeah, I just can’t click on these webms, it’s too upsetting!

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Probably because it's freaky to see someone look so alive and then moments later transform into a piece of meat. Or he's fucked in the head.

>only white people are sad
Kid blows his head clean off and you only worry about him because he's white

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They wont because its a Chink demoralisation thread. Somehow they have compromised the Janitors so they wont clean this up but they will remove threads about greta thunberg and every single post inside it.

It is pretty obvious just because its targeted at "white people" but the guy is clearly a slav

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Reminder niggers are not human

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He's just using the kid as shock factor.
Look at the big issue not this kid who's already dead.

Is that Ebba?

>How do we stop white people committing suicide at a disproportionate rate?
either fix society or legalize doctor assisted suicide. If society is shit, we shouldn't stop people from killing themselves peacefully.

He was arab

>lmao kiddo here is a gun fucking kill yourself if you are so brave lol I wish you are never born
>actually fucking do a hero with no hesitation


ITT CCP shills
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This. It's obviously chinks mad about chink flu.

I'm sure kids of other races are suicidal as well, but I don't care

when niggers are sad they just go chimp out and shot everyone else

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>thinking im some chink shill and not just a sick freak

that guy was jewish and youre a rat kike encouraging suicide

Suicide is the one thing that incomprehensible to me. How a human being gets to the point of actually doing it is bizarre. As if their life wasn't bad enough for them to consider the option of suicide, now they are faced with the unknown of where "they" will go next. Aside from being tortured, living will always be a better choice than suicide logically.

Offer them a viable alternative to the multi culti modern world and a reason to live and something to fight for.
>inb4 da answer is JEBUS read da BYBUL

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You are both wrong lol. Taylor swift is going full on 1488 by Summer.

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