Daily reminder the Americans will lose WW3 due to civil war, incompetence, corruption, feminism, obesity...

Daily reminder the Americans will lose WW3 due to civil war, incompetence, corruption, feminism, obesity, and retardation.
This is the Chinese century. Westerners are having dreams of America being destroyed and invaded by Russian and Chinese troops. Even your own God hates you. The Bible dictates that the Whore of Babylon will be destroyed in one hour by fire.

>inb4 shut up chang
Typical amerifat piggu response vapid and stupid just like you. No I'm not Chinese but even that would be preferable to being a fat ignorant Jewish puppet.

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go hide in your bunker chink

Stupid Australian, puppet of America. Go accept boaters.

Why the tiny cock chang???

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It was true. Before Covid-19. Now that they single-handedly destroyed the world economy, that's about to change.

I just wish a chigger would at this point.

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>The Bible dictates that the Whore of Babylon will be destroyed in one hour by fire.
Christcucks are enemies of the white race.

crispy chinks soon slant whore

Incompetence? China literally has to steal technology and even then they can’t use it right.

US = Terran, Chinks = Zerg, Jews = Protoss ... change my mind.

Your new fortune cookie say . . . "Americans short on toilet paper wipe ass with yellow soldier"

What kind of secret military tech are you burgers are going to use on them?

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>All your guzzoline are belong to us
Aussie wastelanders btfo

Absolutely no one will win WW3. If this is not evident then there is no hope for you at this time

It is true. But also Chinkland and Russia will be destroyed by the Antichrist. Jesus will return and he will crush the Antichrist and his fallen forces with His Word.

Wouldn't the antichrist destroy christian countries first? Why would he bother killing that which has no soul? Honest question

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Thoroughly enjoyed wasting a few minutes watching that gif.

Bravo leaf

Genetically engineered insect swarms from the DARPA Insect Allies program will be unleashed on Chinese crops. We'll starve them.

No sweetie. War is our best feature. When you let this virus escape the lab you awoke the sleeping giant. Prepare your anus.

based. Kill american wiggers and niggers every day

The american's lot in life is to be conquered from the east and west. That is his geographic destiny. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple spatial reality necessitates it.

Right now China needs the lebensraum, maybe in another 5000 years it'll be neo-Europe.

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Remind me, for what reason you always team us up with chinks? We weren't allies even back to ussr times, moreover we were enemies and had even open conflict only 50 years ago, nor we have any investments in their facility or technologies like america does, so why?

Note how the inferior marsupials only ever colonized Oceania and North America. They never made it to Eurasia or Africa.

That's because Afroeurasia is the center of biological evolution. It doesn't matter if it's humans, monkeys, tigers, or metatherians. Afroeurasia is bigger, which means more trials and competition to come up with the superior type of organism.

- Eutherian mammals replaced marsupials but not vice versa.
- Jaguars and cougars colonized the Americas, but their inferior animals never migrated to the Old World.
- Australoid humans (an African species) colonized America yet again, and then stagnated for tens of thousands of years.
- Mongoloid/ANE humans then colonized it again, and also stagnated.
- Europoid humans colonized it recently, and even though it's only been 200 years in a globally connected society, the stagnation is already obvious. If we were isolated from Eurasia it would be 1000x worse.

America will never be superior in the long term, it is just physically impossible.

Holy shit. Is that image in the image real?!

Oh hey, is this the faggot thread? Oh, thank Dumbledore. Holy shit, I have been just dying to be a gigantic faggot somewhere, and this looks like just the place to do it. Like heckin wowsers, you don't know how hard it is to be a faggot in this day and age. Then again, maybe you do - Only talking respect here my guy.

It just feels so liberating, you know? Sometimes you just want to push your nose into a sweater pair of balls that don't belong to you and shriek when the owner of that luscious pouch gets upset at you for invading their orb zone. You know what I'm talking about? Sometimes your tongue is just so dry and the only thing that will make it better is to shove it into the first anus that walks by but you can't do it because it's like public space is a designated no faggot zone. Not that guys - Sorry. Let me degender my thoughts for a second. Not that epic memesters like us spend much time in non-faggot spaces. They aren't the safest. I just... I just wanted to thank you.

My colon hasn't been the same since I tried this new ethnocock cleanse, the revulsion my neighbors felt was so validating. I almost became an enbie. It's so freeing being able to share this Marxification openly, I almost didn't consume feces today but this has given me the non-threatening in-strong to do it and share it on my insta story. Thank you. Thank you for making such a faggot thread. Voldemort himself couldn't kill the faggot energy this thread exudes, and we need it. This is the thread that LIVED, sister. The thread that LIVED, can I get a snap to that?

I am so glad. I was looking for the faggot thread, and now I've found it. I cannot wait to make myself home. :) Thank you, OP. Thank you for this faggot fucking thread.

Africa will win WW3, again. The last time it happened they bred what they could and brought down human IQ for 100,000+ years, begetting every rotten thing you see before you today.

Although it's not really fair to blame them for it, it was ultimately the Denisovans' fault. Can't blame a dog for being a dog.

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If only you knew how bad things really are for the CCP...

With 4x the population then maybe If it's an old fashion conventional war. Technology changed since Vietnam war era. Theres enough war pact agreements signed to start WW3 if someone decides to start shooting. Also not to mention black projects will come to surface and annihilate the enemy.

Ha hhhaa ha ha ha

I have 10 acres with a paid off home next to national park system. I enjoy target practice. Come edify me on my heritage and state of physical and mental health

Absolutely fucking terrifying.

>Can't blame a dog for being a dog.
but i can smear its nose in shit for pooping on the carpet

Whether US wins or loses, you chinks will lose in the long run. You're a rotten people with no souls who will continue to cheat and poison each other even if western nations fall. If you think about it, the entirety of your cultural and national identity is defined by a slow, often self-destructive rise back to the same dysfunctional state from when the mongols first plundered your sorry ricenigger asses.