Can christians work with pagans?

Can christians work with pagans?

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That is some hardcore cringe. Saged

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What is the point of most European religions?
>Help your children, support your ancestors, build the community

What is the point of cuckstianity?
>Cuck, slave and pay tithe to the (((church))) all your life while hoping for a spot in jew-heaven after you die

These two paths cannot work together because they go against each other at a fundamental level. Most European religions want to protect their people, most christcuck branches want to bring about the end-times so they can go to jew heaven.

Yeah of course, half my family is "pagan" and the other half is catholic we all get on great.

There are some fundamental differences that are hard to overcome, such as ideas of original sin and whether the natural world is evil or not.

you are causing fights

you too by putting pagan in quotation marks, i see what your doing.

christcucks get the rope first

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No I put it in quotation marks because theres man denominations of polytheism represented under the banner of pagan its not a single religious belief when I refer to my family. Dont make so many assumptions user.


Christianity has jew worship built into their belief system.

Only if the next world war we get to use swords again instead of gay-ass projectile guns

Thhhh. Pagans? Thhhh. What is that, a gun that fires money or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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Christians have been "poaching" pagans for years. Christmas, Haloween, Easter all land on exact dates of major pagan hollidays ment to try to overshadow and convert them. So in a sort of fucked up way ya they get along just fine these days for the most part.

Neither here.
Pagans don't seem to be able to get on with Christians. Christians don't seem to care about Pagans, but Pagans seem to be obsessed with Christianity and Christians, to the point where it's pretty weird and obsessive.

gay op image, replying anyways.
Nordic pagans are insanely anti-christian, essentially atheists. Hellenists are of a different kind, much easier to work with and much better optics.


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Nazism isn't a religion, dogisaga is literally a mentally ill australian woman (probably OP).

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Most Christians here would like to unite with pagans on the basis of racial unity. But pagans insist that Christians are effectively jews, rendering them as traitors against their own race. Hostilities must cease or else there won't be any cooperation.

Pretty much, yeah. I'm neither, but I'd like for this Christian-Pagan imposed division to be dealt with. It seems definitely orchestrated, which makes me wonder how many Pagan groups are sincere, and how many have anti-white or Jewish leadership.

I've seen Pagans bullshit like nobody else and say, for example, *Shinto* and Taoism are Aryan because of influence from Aryans, and these are Pagans I know, so I know they weren't joking. But the religion that shaped Europe for over a thousand years? Nah.
Something seems off there.

How about just abandoning all the religious Nazi LARP shit and just stick to pointing out that we are on track to becoming a hated and dispossessed minority facing demographic, social, and economic collapse? And maybe even dress and talk like a normal person while doing so.

Christians are known traitors. They will inevitably backstab you when you work together with them. It’s in their blood. You cannot work together with them anymore than you can work together with Jews or Muslims

Did you make this? I suggest you seek professional help.


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I will burn every last church, synagogue and mosque in Europe

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Would you rather pagan europeans imported to your country, or shitloads of african christians?

i don't know how it could be done, but this christian vs pagan seems to be a wonderful wedge for the jews, a real obstacle to spiritual white unity. why not just keep it white? if you are white and your fellow worshippers are white, you're ok. if you or your fellow worshippers have jews or niggers in your midst or you spout globohomo stuff, you're not. we can fight about this later, if we survive...

Maybe before Yas Forums I would have said pagan europeans but we simply don't need more muzzie lovers here, so african christians it is.

No, you just get caught in an endless loop of
>YOUR religion is jewish!
>nuh uh!
>yuh huh!
>oh yeah well you guys love niggers!
>nuh uh!
Can you tell who's who in the above greentext? Me neither.

Trick question, neither because neither would be able to agree on proper conduct due to religious and cultural differences. African "Christians" are majority larping voodoo niggers.

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is dogestralia still alive?

Don’t let Varg speak for all pagans


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I suspect this too. Most "pagans" here just seem too motivated to sow divisions.