Germany will likely boost its economy with a massive car scrap bonus

Essentially, they want all Germans to buy new cars in the next 6-9 months so that the German car industry will go ahead full steam at 110% production.

Germany at it again, socialism at its finest. Why give cars to the people if you could give money to the banks?

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We will just take the perfect fine 1.5 year old vehicles off your hands and sell them to central asians in Kaunas. More of the usual.

So the government is going to spend how much on substitute for this?

yeah but only this electro car BS, so eventually it wont work.
"sane" and "normal" people want and buy Diesel.

Doesn't your power generation come largely from coal and natural gas, entirely defeating the purpose of electric cars?

Can they force you to buy new cars? I want auto makers to feel so desperate they give out amazing deals because no one is discretionary spending anymore.

This worked out horrible in the US and killed the used car market for 10 years now. It's still fucking shit. You used to be able to buy a decent "road worthy" car for like $600 it might not have been pretty but it got you from A to B. Now you are lucky to find a peice of shit that needs an entire new transmission or engine for $3000+
it's fucking insane, unironicly Thanks Obama.

Added to that every single person with an old car they're trying to sell, without fault, will say "they know what their car is worth" even if it's some piece of shit.

our leaders are incompetent idiots with zero technical competence

user i..don't have a driver license

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why do you want to have a car anyhow if you have to stay home all the time
if you run you better have a place to go

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>"sane" and "normal" people want and buy Diesel.
I specifically bought diesel Volkswagen after the emissions thing because I thought it was brilliant engineering.
Still haven't had it patched.

>So the government is going to spend how much on substitute for this?
Don't know, probably billions.

The interesting thing is, it has an immediate impact on GDP growth. Cars are heavy priced items. If you subsidize 1 million additional car purchases, you end up boosting the GDP by 30 billion or so. That's nearly 1% more GDP growth.

So you guys are going to wreck your second hand market? Gonna be tough for kids and poor shitskins to get their first ride.

Electric vehicles sales in China crashed after the government stopped subsidies.
Same thing will happen in Germany,.

Yes, they shut down all their nuclear plants to go green and now they’re pumping more pollution into the air than ever. I hate Germans very much, they can’t do anything right.

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>why do you want to have a car anyhow if you have to stay home all the time

We don't even have a national lockdown, mate. You can go wherever.

The big problem we Germans still have is that restaurants and hotels aren't open, but they will be opened mid-May.

fuck no
are Euros still into diesel? yikes

This is your brain on Keynesianism.

And isn't it economical to not buy German cars to begin with? Hondas and Toyotas are always a safer and longer lasting bet. There's a reason people only lease German cars.

Why do you think that

Whats your problem faggot?

Wasteful spending is what destroys progress. Making high quality cheap cars and keeping them on the road will strengthen the economy, more money to be spent to fuel businesses that will pay taxes.

Exporting goods is better than forcing everyone to buy new cars. Just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I'm not sure what the German market looks like. Here is some 2018 data.


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They might aswell be destroying windows to make the glassman's business run better,

nah, we're also shutting down coal plants
we are just buying energy from France (nuclear) and Poland (coal) now
so nothing improved for the environment but it's more expensive and less secure for the Germans, so mission accomplished I guess

the nogs fucking loved it tho. they all ran out and got car payments, shit those cars up, stopped making payments, had their cars repossessed, and then cried because they couldn't afford the price of used cars. obama really fucked the nogs good.

Wait wait wait Im retarded back up there for a second.
The government can pass the subsides as part of the GDP?

that depends on how it's used
if it's used internally to buy, create or offer service, commodities then it's part of the GDP

I fell for this shit under Obama when I had a good job lost it and still owe 18grand. Completely my fault but I was so fed up with the used car market I still blame fucking "cash for clunkers". At least I am making payments now they even refused to repo it and default me on the loan. They told me to try and sell the vehicle to pay the loan back but I could hardly get 5 grand for it now. "Investing" in new cars is such a fucking scam instantly drops in price the second you leave the lot.

>The government can pass the subsides as part of the GDP?

It works like this - you take borrowed money and put it into the subsidy scheme. Instead of 70-80% production in car plans, you get 100% or more (that means extra shifts) production and all related industries also boom.

The increased production is shown in GDP, thus somewhat dampening the effect of the overall slowdown.

And then there is the overall psychological effect of having millions of Germans buy new cars.

He really was the worst president for blacks in a long time kinda ironic.

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