Mainstream media is fake news and unreliable

>mainstream media is fake news and unreliable
>except when it suits my own agenda
why is he like this?

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idolatry of money

As a general rule, anyone who's ever been associated with infowars and Alex Shekelstein can safely be assumed to be a kosher, gate-keeping, shill.

controlled opposition

>February: Why isn't the media taking Corona virus seriously?
>April: Why is the media taking the Corona virus so seriously?

His only way of staying relevant is being contrarian to leftleaning media.

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He fucks trannys.

Because he is gay.


>why is he like this?

I got a better question: Why is it only right-wing content creators who are attacked here????
Isn't this supposed to be a right-wing space?
So why do we hardly ever see threads calling out left-wing content creators? Its always just the right-wingers who are attacked?

I'll tell you why.
Its because we have a bunch of left-wing shills who monitor the dissident right and they make all these threads pretending to be "one of us" and try to divide and conquer the movement.

Unfortunately, we also have a lot of legitimate people on our side who will fall for this divide and conquer shit and join in. They will spend more time attacking people they agree with 80% of the time than attacking our enemies. They will attack them because they don't like their optics, or something in their personal life, or some other petty reason.
Purity spiraling has killed the movement and driven away a lot of good people. And a lot of it was instigated by left-wing shills pretending to be "one of us".

Quit falling for this divide and conquer bullshit by meme flag faggots like this asshole.
Your movement is almost dead from infighting. Time to focus on the real enemies and the real problems.

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>So why do we hardly ever see threads calling out left-wing content creators?
Because nobody gives a shit about what lefty fags might have to say, and when they are mentioned on Yas Forums it is merely to make fun of them.

Now go back to r*ddit

I see you've only been on pol since 2016 if you think this is a right wing space.

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I've been here since 2013, you stupid fucking idiot.
Between 2013 and 2016 was the real Yas Forums and it was all right wing. We weren't flooded by a bunch of shills and idiots like you.
Now go back to your discord you dumb faggot tranny.

>Why is it only right-wing content creators who are attacked here
Is see that you've been ignoring the Destiny, Contrapoints, TYT hate threads.

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Too many insults in your post, it shows. That's OK to browse the_donald regularly, I mean, everyone has the right to be a jewish puppet, heh?

You might consider leaving 4chins forever tho

>Isn't this supposed to be a right-wing space?
How new are you, really?

yeah never seen a negative thread on destiny but pjw get's hammered all the time good catch.

They are all like this because it drives more views to them.


This is a right-wing space, kike, it's just that right-wing=/=trump

>Isn't this supposed to be a right-wing space?
This is why i hate nu4chan and all you fucking election tourist. This site isn't the right wing counterpart to reddit. It's not your little nazi safespace. The point of Yas Forums and this board is that you can freely discuss any topics. Be it racism, eugenics, conspiracies, whatever without getting banned or silenced by the hivemind.
You want a club with only people who share you political views? That's fucking reddit. Being right-wing doesn't matter. You are reddit in spirit my newfriend, go the fuck back

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Jean-Pierre Sadiqqi al-Ngubu pretty much nailed it


The guys a fucking moron, even before some liberal faggot called him out on the onions video.

Why bother listening to some northerner whine about things and read twitter replies from liberals in an annoying voice. “Give me money it really helps me because of demonetisation” yeh get fucked kike. Collect shekels from some other idiotic rube


Fucking onions.

Because smart people can cut through bullshit and don't let themselves be controlled by disgusting pilpul tricks.

So they separate the truths from the piles of disgusting khazarian lies.


We're all like that too. Just look at all the sources people post here.

This is no longer a right wing space. its a meme site with edgy teenagers.

It could be a case of "a stopped clock is right twice a day"
But I don't know what the context is as to what stories are being referenced

Because he’s an obnoxious cunt.

This board is 90% shills now user. That's why, when nothing is really happening you get constant shit threads like this. They slide their threads in and destroy real conversation.

When something is really happening and the shills show up in active threads, they're tore apart by those of us who still remember what this place actually stands for.

Based Germanon gets it.


Oh, most of them. In particular his late coverage of the coronavirus plandemic.