Why do europeans act like christianity isnt another arab religion just like islam?

why do europeans act like christianity isnt another arab religion just like islam?

Europe was taken over by christianity, a foreign arab religion in the same way persia was taken over by islam, a foreign arab religion.

Jews are really just the most cucked race on earth, they are basically a germanic people who was made to believe they are actually middle eastern lol

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why do Arabs act like Islam isnt another Jewish religion just like Judaism?

The Middle East was taken over by Judaism, a foreign Jew religion in the same way Germany was taken over by Judaism, a foreign Jew religion.

Arabs are really just the most cucked race on earth, they are basically an inbred people who was made to believe they are actually human

Because Jesus is actually real and Christianity is the only religion that is plausible:


>Virtually all scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed. Reconstructions of the historical Jesus are based on the Pauline epistles and the Gospels, while several non-Biblical sources also bear witness to the historical existence of Jesus.


>N. T. Wright argues that the account of the empty tomb and the visionary experiences point towards the historical reality of the resurrection.[53] He suggests that multiple lines of evidence from the New Testament and the early Christian beliefs it reflects shows that it would be highly unlikely that belief in the empty tomb would simply appear without a clear basis in the memory of early Christians. In tandem with the historically-certain visionary experiences of the early disciples and apostles, Jesus' resurrection as a historical reality becomes far more plausible. Contrary to various theologians and historians in recent decades, Wright treats the resurrection as a historical and accessible event, rather than as a 'supernatural' or 'metaphysical' event.

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it's mostly cope

islam was created by arabs. Christianity wasnt created by europeans.

Jews are not Germanic.
Look at Yair Netanyahu, look at his mushy play-doh face.
Now look at his non-Jewish Norwegian gf.
They are not the same.

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>said the pagan catholic cultist

Jesus Christ lives, but all false religion comes from babylon.

Ashkenazi are 50% nothern and southern european, with more southern european (30%) than northern european (20%)

the rest is levantine

>Northern European
They have Southern European maternal ancestry, some Slavic (where they settled for hundreds of years), and the rest being Levantine.
Jews never had a major presence in The British Isles or Scandinavia.

Slide thread....

ashkenazi jews are literally genetic central europeans. They are 100% white, not like gypsies who clearly have indian DNA mixed with euro dna

my bad

>The Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) population is important in genetics due to its high rate of Mendelian disorders. AJ appeared in Europe in the 10th century, and their ancestry is thought to comprise European (EU) and Middle-Eastern (ME) components. However, both the time and place of admixture are subject to debate. Here, we attempt to characterize the AJ admixture history using a careful application of new and existing methods on a large AJ sample. Our main approach was based on local ancestry inference, in which we first classified each AJ genomic segment as EU or ME, and then compared allele frequencies along the EU segments to those of different EU populations. The contribution of each EU source was also estimated using GLOBETROTTER and haplotype sharing. The time of admixture was inferred based on multiple statistics, including ME segment lengths, the total EU ancestry per chromosome, and the correlation of ancestries along the chromosome. The major source of EU ancestry in AJ was found to be Southern Europe (≈60–80% of EU ancestry), with the rest being likely Eastern European. The inferred admixture time was ≈30 generations ago, but multiple lines of evidence suggest that it represents an average over two or more events, pre- and post-dating the founder event experienced by AJ in late medieval times. The time of the pre-bottleneck admixture event, which was likely Southern European, was estimated to ≈25–50 generations ago.



what do you mean by "europeans" like irish? swedish? ???

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>germanic people

Nice assertions you got there. Now to the proof part.

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mmm fucking look at them? people who look like this dont come from anywhere else in the world other than fucking europe.

Even spaniards and poortuguese have more arab blood in them than jews

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>They are 100% white
does pic related look white to you?
they have middle eastern DNA. No, I don't think they're ~god's chosen people~, but it's retarded to pretend that there's no difference between an ashkenazi jew and standard christian european.

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Islam is a copy and paste of Judaism translated into cousin fucker

the Rothschild family is a bad example, most of them have married into other european noble families, such as the Irish Guinness family. Go on any random wiki page, and they'll say something along the lines of "and ____'s mother converted to judaism upon marrying ___"

Because Christianity with its middle eastern roots is inherently Greek. Without Plato there is no Christianity

Funny how most non germans cant spell Rothschild.

Is this like polish to you? Is this grzewecky to you?

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also, not every group native to the middle east is arab you fucking retard. arabs are only native to arabia.
that's why many lebanese people call themselves phoenicians and reject the arab title.
google arabization.

??? If you have brown skin you are a fucking Arab, if you are a Muslim you are a fucking Arab, if you come from the middle East you are a fucking Arab. Put that inside your little stupid head.

can't tell if this is b8 or not
the vast majority of muslims are actually in south/southeast asia.
and no, you're forgetting about chaldeans, arameans, assyrians, druze, kurds, samaritans, etc.

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A lot of ching-chong gooks are muslims too...

because islam is a african and shitskin religion.

Tiny eyes = asian, only exception of Muslim Arab

europeans could do any religion better than the "natives". DEAL WITH IT.

This has to be a larp , MY RELIGION is the only one plausible because I BELIEVE in it. kys fag.

Based. Fuck Arabs. Fuck Muslims.