These are NOT ayys

Listen anons, I can't believe a retard myself can see through this so easily but the autists on here are buying it. Just consider the following.
Why the absolute FUCK would the government admit to something out of their control showing up in our airspace? It makes them look weak and incompetent.
In reality, this is either a top secret military aerospace project that was captured by the IR cameras of navy pilots making their rounds (this sort of mistake is to be expected with compartmentalization of secret projects) or its next level tech from a rival country (Russia / China). Once again, something that our government would not admit to under any circumstance for obvious reasons.
Ayys or "unidentifiable phenomenon" is the most obvious 60 iq tier scapegoat. They were better off just not acknowledging, which makes me believe that some fuckery must be afoot.

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the photos are always blury and its always just a few short clips.

if this is anything at all, its hypersonic missiles/drones. which is semi secrete research lots of countries are working on

you are a bit arrogant to presume that

most anons hold that theory also, but people are just having fun with it with other theory's

and since its been "declassified" its politics now, so now you have multiple threads on Yas Forums poking at it which is a good thing

It should be poked at from every angle, not just your solid conclusion

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That actually makes a lot of sense. >Retard navy pilots catch one on IR
>Hurt durr look at that! What is that thing??
>Retard working at naval database leaks footage because HURR DURR WHAT IS THAT THING
>Top brass at the pentagon catches wind that game changing tech is getting leaked, fuckwhatdowedo.jpeg
>"Just fuckin space niggers, nothing to see here"

Check out this ultra based video on the subject

if this shit was really unknown and some advanced craft and they were happy to release it, then then would release the whole thing from where they first see the objects until the objects zip away. to not do so just screams that bullshitery is afoot.

This is convincing if we consider the leak wasnt for general population but for chinese, iranian and russian military. Its like publicly saying: Look we have a next generation bomber that you cavemen dont even know how it works. Wanna check my cards and start war?

Those vids are a nothingburger. A pure hoax.

This seems more plausible than anything

Don't worry user, such verbose claims are only meant to ignite conversation

I disagree. I think its aliens spying on us.

The problem with this is the same problem with many other 'conspiracy theories':
You're assuming an unattainable or even grossly impractical level of competence out of some nation.

They couldn't catch that object, it had no identifiable means of propulsion, and it could move just as fast in the air as it could underwater. We're at the point where it's more likely to be Aliens than anything made by Humans.

>They couldn't catch that object, it had no identifiable means of propulsion, and it could move just as fast in the air as it could underwater. We're at the point where it's more likely to be Aliens than anything made by Humans.
That's precisely where my thinking is at as well.

It's just a jet. It's not rotating, the camera on the american jet rotates on it's axis to track objects and has plastic polarized lens cover, therefore the rotating IR flare. It's the american jet that's going around the UFO/russian camo jet. There's lots of gifs and videos you can find of the phenomena and you can do it yourself at home with IR source, a polarizer and a camera.

Where the fuck is bangledesh on a map?

user your late to the party. I have been saying this since project bluebook. It's just swamp gas.

>60 years old
>next level

no faggot its aliens

When the government says it's not aliens:

When the government says they exist but aren't sure what they are, could even be aliens:

Conspiracy theories are funny and pure contrarianism. Like what's the truth? Just go in the opposite direction of whatever the government says on anything?

im scared wtf. aliens confirmed

>moves back and forth
>hypersonic missiles/drones
You are so retarded that I do not even know where to begin. Did you by chance fail all your physics classes?

way to get taken seriously

>implying all threads are made by the same person or that all anons share same opinions
>implying there is something inherently wrong with taking a contrarian view to the initial narrative by default

Get a load of this faggot

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This is the MIRAGE decoy system

You're a retard too desu

this probably sounded a lot more clever in your head

They sad they were white pill-shaped and had no propulsion system.

>is just a jet, bro! no reason to lockdown everyone inside! the alien invasion is literally a nothing burguer!

fucking shills, i hope you all die in the second UFO wave two weeks tops

It won't happen in two weeks top but they will go to UFO hell, I assure you.

It's reverse engineered tech, but not from the ayys - from the civilisation that rose and fell before us.


It's just a nigger who can't use his time traveling machine properly.