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National party(right wing) being crushed in the polls

China promises not to punish New Zealand for joining Australia's inquiry into COVID-19 origins

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Australians fuck spiders

>getting $19p/h to sit on my ass and smoke darts.
I'm a career neet apparently.

I miss the shutdown

Government paying you?

Wonder why the chinks aren't playing hardball with us like they are with Australia.

My job got destroyed by the kungflu now I'm getting pressured to find something else (likely maccas tier). JUST.

na. gateman on a building site.

>National party(right wing)
lol k bro

lol this country is utterly fucking doomed beyond comprehension. It's unrecognizable even compared to 2013.
Kiwis, if you had relays pretty much everywhere around the islands, what would you think about a network where you only have to pay once for the device and then your connection is free to the network? It’s not internet. Rather chat app, file sending and some other stuff.

I don’t know what that means

I mean relatively to let people not from here know.

>Wonder why the chinks aren't playing hardball with us like they are with Australia.

Because we're even less relevant than Australia. Sydney has a larger population than this whole country

What was your old job?

I'm never going to know peace until I find out where Kim Jong Un has been this whole time.

This virus redpilled me into how fucking shitty capitalism is. Capitalism and cities. National party needs to fuck off and die.

he's at this bolthole in the south island

How old are you and how many books about politics have you read?

he's 19 and he just finished reading The Communist Manifesto

Mountain guide

Yeah that's basically my take. We are essentially Rarotonga tier.

what mountains?

me and the boys sniping horis

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Did you see the fat homo cut off a rare probing question from one of our reporters today?
That's why

Well glaciers more than mountains desu, on the south island West coast. Whole region is wiped out probably forever it depended 100% on euro and seppo bux

What happened?

You should get a better career. Maybe like a sales guy or something.

D&C they want to undermine our countries and create division.

NZs economy sucks

Who is his Toba bitch plebbit keeps complaining about?

start reading Mises

I mean when it recovers, doesn’t sound like mountaineer has good retirement prospects.


shit, which glaciers? i'm originally from the coast, my family is fucked because no tourists. most of them are making plans to flee north for work

Grant Robertson gave a vague, deflecting response with no follow up allowed about whether we'd ask questions of china like australia

Even before the crash it sucked. It comes down to NZ qualifications taking second place to inferior overseas ones and half the industries running solely on nepotism.

It's part of why we have no productivity growth in any sectors.

you ever brewed beer or made spirit?

Go to Australia?

Read that kike faggot and he can kill himself. Economics alone does not provide morality and I'm fucking glad I don't live in the states. I'm not a socialist either, I don't think simplistic economic systems are the answer, but before this virus I thought there was something in free market economics. Truth is it gives us Tik Tok, the Kardashians, and making kikes rich

Voting NZ first again this year cos Fuck kikes, gooks and curryniggers.

Fox and Franz. Can't imagine anywhere else will get as badly hit as down here

Tova obrian, reporter for 3, that's all I know

>China promises not to punish New Zealand for joining Australia's inquiry into COVID-19 origins

What are these fucking Chinks going to do? The whole world would anally rape china if they did anything, we should be sending the CCP infiltrators to jail right now and then confiscating all foreign 'owned' land.


i can't wait for maccas HAHAHHA I'M SO FUNNY AND ORIGINAL

Not surprising. Boomers must hang for their treachery. It's actually astounding how blatant the sale of this country to foreigners has been

Beer yes, spirits no.

I’m American can you explain this?

“In the weeks following the 2017 election, New Zealand First formed a coalition government with the Labour Party.”

time stamp?

Why you people get excited about Mcdonalds I have no idea.

any good at it/ willing to learn?

either because they are fat shits or they are trying to fit in, also tradies in NZ suck big fat cock and we need to stop worshipping those tattooed illiterates.

>Why you people get excited about Mcdonalds I have no idea.

No idea, haven't eaten it in years, if I want a burger I go to Burgerfuel or make my own.