LOL why aren’t you faggots talking about this?

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oy vey but what about da nigguhs?

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When they're white they don't start flying at cops, right? Do why would the cops feel a need to use force? Black people on the other hand.

Also I like how they said brown, as opposed to black, implying Indians (who are quite peaceful) are the same as black people.

Shitskins have zero trigger discipline, so no.

Probably because nothing is happening until one of these corrupt politicians is shot in the fucking skull. No one gives a shit about a literal fucking who on twitter and their stupid fucking agitprop bullshit.

thats because they dont belong in that country you stupid bitch

ah yes, autism

Armed niglets and Muslims wouldn’t be storming the capital to uphold the constitution, they’d be trying to subvert it.

Ok, let me reduce the context for you fucking morons...

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>cringe lefty didn't get his expected response



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>let me reduce the context
Or you could actually, like, fucking explain WHY the fuck they're there. Give a link. Fucking anything.

>B-but "white men with guns"

Black Panthers 1960s.

Whites aren't that unpredictable. Give a white man a gun, and he probably won't shoot you. Chimps on the other hand might do anything. Why is it so hard to understand that whites and blacks are not the same? Sensible people do not treat different things the same. You only perceive hypocrisy in such behaviour, because you're blind to that truth.

haven't they literally done this before?
what's the argument here anyway?
The cops would have shot colored folk with guns, therefore white people shouldn't be allowed guns? how does that follow?

That's the autism part

I've tried to fucking look this up, and literally ALL I can find out about it atm is a fuck ton of people bitching like crazy about "muh armed white men at the state capitol". Not a word about what it's even supposedly about, just a bunch of seething twatter bullshit and whataboutsim "blacks could NEVER do this!!!!".
I guarantee if it WAS blacks, there'd be a fuck ton of articles full of multiple paragraphs explaining all the whys and justifying them using the guns. Fucking guaranteed.

the day the black panthers died was the day guns rights in the US died

no armed blacks/muzzies couldn't do it

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>leaf defending a black terror group in a white country

correct. see how the ebil hwites are pointing their guns in a safe direction, and have calm body language? not an option for blacks, especially in a crowd

everything the liberals say is hypothetical

all the black panthers did was show up to cops arresting black people with guns and asked what was going on.
there were even "white panthers" that did the same, because police in a country about self and collective preservation through guns should work like this.
But no, the only people with guns should be cops. If a nigger ever has one, shoot him dead because he'll try and kill the blue hero.
keep eating it up tho burger, hope its worth it.

I hope none of you dress like this

>But no, the only people with guns should be cops.
Which is literally the argument the left has been using about whites the past couple years, except they ALWAYS specifically exclude ever mentioning the blacks & the black gun violence rates.

They're there to intimidate lawmakers so that they allow the NPCs to resume being corporate dependent cucks. Its pathetic and cringe.

it’d be worth getting a twatter account just so I could shit up!

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As opposed to being government dependent cucks?

>so that they allow the NPCs to resume being corporate dependent cucks
Can you say this again, but in english & not memespeak vagueries?

no he cannot, he is autistic

Its not about race, its about "can you do it?"
Sounds like the answer is no, you cant.

>had to get ANY context for this from another fucking thread
You're an agenda laden cunt, OP.

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