Doesn't this make you feel embarrassed? MAGA is just a bunch of duck dynasty retarded hillbillies

Doesn't this make you feel embarrassed? MAGA is just a bunch of duck dynasty retarded hillbillies.

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pedes are usually pretty stupid for sure, i didnt know they all had big grey beards tho

Releasing the white trash from indentured servitude was a mistake. Now they're free to express their terrible opinions and be just as degenerate as niggers while pretending to be better than niggers.

>unironically supporting Donald Trump

Yeah, it was all fun back in 2016, but you have to a boomer NPC to actually this retard in (current year)

>MAGA is just a bunch of duck dynasty retarded hillbillies.
Is OP jew, black or brown?

All whites... college educated, non-ce, white women… went Trump... something the media and shills try to bury.

"Muh suburban retards" is a shill myth. Urban areas went Hillary ONLY due to their black and hispanic populations. The college educated vote demographics Hillary won was ONLY from jews, blacks and hispanics. See pic related.

Hillary also only got 37% of the overall white vote.

-----> 37%

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>MAGA is just a bunch of duck dynasty retarded hillbillies.
I think the Robertson's are probably handling this way better than these protestors, they're probably out on their ranch riding ATVs around without having come into contact with a stranger in months.

Mind you, they are millionaires, so they really need to give a shit whether anything's open.

Really makes me think.

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>Really makes me think.

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>Really makes me think.

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Fucking leaf!!! Michigan is based. Now can we do something about Pennsylvania?

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>Really makes me think.

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Kys pinko faggot

>duck dynasty

>Really makes me think.

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Forehead: how low can you go?

>Really makes me think.

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>It's time for any of that 37% out there to wake the fuck up as to what is really going on.

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I was actually impressed to see Americans defending their civil rights.

When you successfully push white protestant descended America down into the middle and lower classes as you supplant them with ((certain)) others thanks to affirmative action I'm sure he's not the only one shaving with clippers.

Spencer really was a fucking cartoon character wasn't he?


Back to red-dit nigger lipps

at least our President isnt a giant cucking faggot


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>guy with beard yells at guy with mask over because of unconstitutional bullshit
>this is bad you should feel ashamed of yourself having opinions migapede protesting bad

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It’s always the same flags starting these threads. Good god the shilling is out of control lately

Now show the Orthodox Jew riots in NYC.

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That's where you are wrong kiddo


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Yea so embarassing

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Wow, conservative patriots are so embarrassing.

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I can't believe how goofy conservatives look when they larp in public LMAO OP

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Prefer them to filthy Jews or idiotic leftists

Yes it does. I had hope in Trump in 2016

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yo I peeped that bulge tho

It was a show back in the day you retarded zoomer

Cope harder. Trump is literally mentally ill

Sad find out not even your women are on your side.

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Conservatives are so embarrassing.

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Why is xe hard?

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God my state (MA) is an embarassment.

Hopefully with all the college tankies quarantined out of state this year the election results will be less embarrassing, it will still undoubtedly go blue but maybe a county or two will go red.

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how does it feel knowing that in 10 years the bulk of conservative voters are gonna be dead and it's gonna be a democrat every 4 years?

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Well, at least that kmher/sandnigger scarf looks aesthetic.

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wouldn't you be?

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The second

I would unironically rather hang out with that guy than any fucking European I have met in my life.

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LOL were gonna be dead... Yep dream on buddy. Commies are going to be eradicated in the boogaloo.

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You can't be really that stupid. Trump gave Jerusalem and Golan to Israel. Trump almost started war with Iran. Immigration only increased.
You just were manipulated by narcissist psycho that told what you wanted to hear. He never wanted to deliver his promises only please his ego with the fact of being president