ITT: Yas Forums approved anime

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real life

Legend of the Galactic Heroes


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Boku no pico


What manga is that in the lower right corner?


gungrave, ghost in the shell, texhnolyze, jin roh, perfect blue, legend of the galactic heroes

anything made post-2010 is unironic manchild/coomer trash

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Code geass was pretty based.

>anything made post-2010 is unironic manchild/coomer trash
Sad but true. Also, good suggestions.

Gundam ZZ

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Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil)

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Detroit metal city

Grave of the fireflies.

>a degenerate anime for a degenerate flag
Yas Forums approves

It's pretty good

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Gut wrenching, but good. Personally a big fan of GITS.

Who cares, just watch what you enjoy in a moderate manner like a sane person. Don't watch stuff for invisible Yas Forums approval points

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Will to power, becoming the overman and that good stuff.

I only saw the movie. Which was bizarre but entertaining. I'm not sure where this borderline nature worship comes from, that's been popping up.

Underrated post


Based and oldfag-pilled





rabbinical judaism is heretical judaism. the karaites are better.
go cry to rambam

kill yourself

Don't forget the greatest anime of all time: HxH

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Fuck off tourist.

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Spice and wolf, teaches you economics while enjoying a nigger free society.

>tranny and racebait garbage
I think I'll pass

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Dr. Stone is pretty B&R

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Top tier:
>Death Note

Good tier:
>Goblin Slayer
>The Promised Neverland
>Black Lagoon
>Sword Art Online

Good anime that are friendly for younger audience; promote conservative values (family bonding / making, monogamy, brotherhood / loyalty etc). Good for any Anons that have kids and would like to help them not end up degenerate human garbage.

>ReLIFE (motivational for NEETs to get their shit together)
>Dr. Stone (good for teaching science to your kids)
>Silver Spoon (good for people that like agricultural / countryside lifestyle)
>Your Name. (weeb Elon approves this too)

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Maybe he just wanted suggestions for new anime you sputtering autist

I actually don't have a lifted truck, but I don't understand where the "if you have lifted truck you have a tiny penis" meme came from. It's just rich person's toy but mostly rich rednecks. They never say that about rich people with sports cars or yachts or private jets.

Of fuck wrong thread.