WHO along with Birx and Fauci played Trump. We knew this would happen. All three of them are snakes

WHO along with Birx and Fauci played Trump. We knew this would happen. All three of them are snakes.

Everyone knew Sweden had the right idea about this and now that Trump locked down everything they come to undermine him by saying "Sweden is right".

Watch now Democrats changing their tune and some conservatives by saying Trump was wrong.

They played him good. I do love the guy but he keeps getting backstabed left and right.

Also about Sweden we kept telling you this is the right approach you morons.

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> I do love the guy
You have to go back. This is not a Trump board

Yes it fucking is, you stupid inbred kike.

Trump takes his marching orders from Kushner. Every president takes orders from THEM. Trump is not special, he is a faggot like every other president.

Was lose lose from the start. Resist lockdown oy vey its genocide. Lock down oy vey the economy

>I do love the guy but he keeps getting backstabed left and right.

why does he keep letting deepstate agents close enough to backstab him, though?

Did Sweden somehow unkill all the people in Italy?

How will Bill Mitchell recover?

you wish retard
the entire world has acted like trump and while he has said some WHO backed idiocy early on he acted very responsible in mid-march along with every other european country except sweden (mind you swedes are still taking measures, they just do it individual-controlled because their democracy is more advanced, at least their leader seems to think that, we'll see how that turns out because cases in sweden are worrying compared to its neighbours)
this crisis works in trump's favor, biden is very weak right now and he doesn't even really have the opportunity to change that image

No it isn't. We do not support cryptokike cheetos

fuck off with italy. It is already debunked million times

Sweden is the "placebo group" in a global experiment. Their strategy is pretending nothing happens. The virus is quite low lethality but highly dangerous to a certain subset of the population ... those with either a genetic or comorbidity-caused defect in oxygen radical scavenging. Cause of death is not viral replication itself or lung failure but hemolysis and microembolism. Treatment would actually be quite trivial if you can keep your health care system running ... which requires a mild slowdown of the infection rate. No vaccine will be required, wearing face masks will suffice to slow the spread to a manageable level. Simple as.

Also this.

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is there anyone in the government that is not deep state? that is the real question

Italy suffered from the worst conditions possible for such a virus: a population with high genetic susceptibility due to their genepool having been shaped by endemic malaria over centuries ... in the end forcing an evolutionary adaption which leads to the worst possible immune reaction to this bloody chink lab strain.

that is true sadly

by buying the dip, duh

You're Latvian, you do what Papa Putin says. He says jump, you ask how high on your way up. Where I live is Trump land, MAGAcountry. Your little baltic state mind could not handle the awesome and truly yuge way of life being an American is. Trump runs this motherfucker and you're just a renter in his world. Now make sure to bend over and breath in deeply, Putin is going in deep and dry

Succinct fucking rundown.


You have a distorted view of world as American kikes are the ones that are distorting and subverting our country always trying to strongarm everything.
I am happy that you have Trump, because idiocracy is a beautiful thing.

Now go back to plebbit

Huh? Care to explain cause I haven't heard of this once.

One third of hospitalized patients in the UK have died. A death rate almost on par with Ebola


Well i think they are a little upset a few million americans didn't die, they seemed pretty giddy at first. I guess there is still time for them to make it happen.

Trump played it right by passing it to the governors. Time will show that imo. What they wanted him to do was get militant and panic in an authoritarian way. He did that a little but not enough to set off alarms to the average american, and his cluelessness was embarassing but disarming at the same time. He has the WHO looking like the evil scientists they are, and meanwhile the citizens can relate to his ignorant questioning. We are asking the same things.

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maybe it's only a matter of time, huh?

What approach has Japan taken to the virus?

Tweets are so cringe

can't believe Trump is in the same corner as the demented boomer Bill Mitchell who keeps making a fool of himself

Is this science talk for "every single Italian is literally a nigger"?

Why does your country even exist, kike

Oy fucking based

Oh yeah, we have the highest numbers as it is but higher numbers + no lockdown?
Boy Trump would be looking pretty good after that!

>Trump takes his marching orders from Kushner
It's pretty much open now that Kushner sets the policies, Trump merely cheerleads them.

Thinks being "debunked" on Yas Forums means linking to tweets and posting screencaps from 3rd hand sources


This honestly

The Swedes are lying they are communists working for the Chinese.

So the left thinks Astro turfing works here? Lmao