Why don’t people just heat their clothes instead of trying to heat their entire homes...

Why don’t people just heat their clothes instead of trying to heat their entire homes? I feel like this would reduce the global carbon footprint by a lot

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well, the essence of your idea has been communicated. so I guess that's it.

Heating is easy and can be done so many ways. The other issue is cooling.

If CO2 is a real thing why is it still okay for soda company's to put it in their carbon-ated soft drinks


Not possible to cool efficiently. So whites should just move back to the poles. Blacks don’t mind the heat on the other hand

That happens when you attempt to cool something in a hot environment

Actually isn't as retarded an idea as at first glance. You could carry a battery in your pocket and have all clothes that have a thin mesh of heating elements that can all be connected together into the battery. ... I'm going to patent this bitch.

You live in a warm climate.

Google "Milwaukee hoodie."

Like wearing jackets indoors?

Global carbon footprint is a myth.

>Why don’t people just heat their clothes instead of trying to heat their entire homes? I feel like this would reduce the global carbon footprint by a lot

Or just throw on another blanket or pair of socks or something. I keep my home cold to save money, only turning that shit on when there's a polar vortex or family over or something, otherwise I'm walking around with so many layers on I look like Grimace.

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probably is sorta dangerous, or power inefficient for how heavy the batteries are
I'd bet that a lot of movement, coupled with heating elements that are maybe? and inch away from your skin, could lead to a lot of complications.
There's probably a world where something like this is feasible, but you're definitely not the first person to think of this. If it worked well/there was a market it'd already be popular.

Yeah Boomer Big Gulp’s must contribute to the Greenhouse Effect at least 50%

You’re right

Fuck you I want to be on my house with a sleeveless shirt and boxers.

Or just put on an extra layer and let your body do the heating.

real question is why dont we live underground? wouldnt need heat or cooling then. who MOLE MAN here? and yes you can bring in natural sunlight into your cavern, if it pleases you. for real MOLES we prefer the darkness.

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I only use my air conditioner during june-sept to make it cold but during the winter I just throw on an extra hoody and socks and close the windows at night

You'd have to heat the toilet seat too. And the floors. It would probably be next to impossible to heat a fish tank or reptile enclosure with a really cold room. Then people don't wear clothes to bed so you'd have to heat the bed too.

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what if we could inject heat directly into the body, like hot water, i dont know, i just think about things

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Because a lot of people make terrible financial decisions for little more reason than that they can.

Just wear sweats and a jumper round the house.

>And the floors.
You animals wear shoes inside tho', why would the floor need to be warm?

Wear an extra pair of socks if you're too poor to afford keeping your home at 70f, fag. show your flag

True, we have really good gumboot socks available here too.

WOuldnt stuff in your house freeze? Or maybe keep the house at 42 and wear the toasty threads