How many of you are actually virgins and/or struggle to get laid on an annual basis?

How many of you are actually virgins and/or struggle to get laid on an annual basis?

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Thanks data miner

I was until I was 16. Since then I haven't gone longer than a month without getting laid. 15 years later and it's better than ever with Tinder, etc

I'm not. Married and regular intercourse

i don't
but I also don't have outragous political opinions or hate women/minorities so its easy

Okay fag

I could get laid if I tried but I don't care enough to.


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23yo KV. When I had tinder I got hundreds of likes and I’ve explicitly been told by people (men and women, strangers and friends) that I’m attractive. If my goal was to get laid I could do it. But I’m waiting for the right girl.

lol no. you still have to socialize even if people find you attractive. if you are autistic then you can be the most attractive person on earth, you'll still be a virgin

Yas Forums has a lot more normies than say Yas Forums but 21 KV here
Huh, I haven't gone down the online dating rabbit hole yet because it sounds shitty but I guess that's how it is.

On Yas Forums everyone is getting laid with 20 super models every week and is also married to a blonde princess with 5 kids and making 100 grand a year. Meanwhile in reality, lonely faggots everywhere, marriage rates dead, no one having kids, don't even see couples walking in the streets.

Yas Forums is an incel board

Not a virgin.
Haven't had sex for years.
It's too much effort really.
The other extreme of using prostitutes doesn't appeal either.

Much truth in this.

Some of us just have more priorities. It's why I fucked some whats her face before shit would go south. Only coomer simps with no actual skills care that much about sex. I've met several of those in school and they're very unlucky.

They're also manlets for the most part

Honestly i have sex regularly but I’m starting to think my libido might be fucked. I just want to get drunk and smoke weed and play vidya during my free time. I’ve been replaying LA Noire and I never realized it’s redpilled as fuck and all I want to do is smoke fat joints and just onions out in front of my monitor for 3 hours at a time

You just opened the thread to post your lame tankie pepes and using the wors "struggle" like in class struggle, right?

>being a virgin
>caring about being a virgin
what a virgin

Thhhh. Thhhh. Getting laid on an anal basis? What are you, gay or sumthin? Thhh. Fuckkin homerun Chipper!

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20 khv can't socialize with people specially girls

>They're also manlets for the most part
Like you?

26 im a big coomer
Have no problems laying women without paying money
But also cant stop jerking
My kindeys are dying

Kind of hard to get laid when none of the beings I want to fuck exist.

thats why my flanks hurt? ..

Not a virgin. I have a son. He means everything to me, but the woman is just a mess.

Don’t fall for the pussy

I don't have an interest in women.

Yes big reason.

me, why?

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hahaha the cold truth

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26, virgin. Gonna be for a long time.

Wouldnt say i struggled if i never tried to get laid. Im pretty fucked in the head though, im always envisioning pointless scenarios or having some inane conversations in my head.

I'm in a miserable relationship with a woman I hate and wish would get in a car accident just so I don't have to keep up the charade anymore and I can flatly tell you I'd rather go back to being a thirsty fuck who screwed a different 5-7/10 woman every 3 months or so.