New Taylor Swift Nazi Music Video "Look At All Those Commie Jews!"

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/ourgal/ returns to the fold?

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pretty good voice, is it sung by some alt-right girl or is it a deepfake voiceover of taylor?

Always loved that image OP

The singer is mentioned in the title of the video.

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Don’t click. CP

It’s your sister.

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Nope, but if you go to the video you can find the singer's name and find her other music videos.

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Video Unavailable

This video is unavailable as the contents have been deemed illegal by the authorities within your country.


oh ok

Yes, this Bitchute channel is heavily censored by Bitchute in many ZOG-occupied nations. As we all know, Germany is under brutal ZOG occupation. America and Russia and all formerly White govs are too, but in Germany it's really really bad. I understand. So they collude with BitKike (Bitchute) to censor channels like the one this video is on. Try this link, it might work here (it's a different Bitchute channel that 'might not' be censored by your illegitimate ZOG occupied jew Government):

If you can play it, download a copy immediately to backup. Soon enough, it will be on - So if anything, keep an eye out for the keywords "commie jews" on Archive.

That was a jewish rat or some complete retard lying. Don't be so gullible.

Cringe department

Your proxy, browsec etc

Use proxy, browsec etc*

did you actually call me gullible because i could belive that someone would post cp on Yas Forums ?

Vid is no cp if someone wants to know

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Weak nazi bullshit

The Germ now realizes he’s in a cage.

Aha hahahah hahahahaha white people are absolutely fucked. Look at this twat... lmao fucking kek aye

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Since you chose to believe some random idiot, possibly a Kike-jew, on the internet, yes I did actually just call you gullible.

You must be a Jew. Did you attend AIPAC 2020?

Go back to Antifa where you belong.

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Not touching that shit

>Look at this
Yep that's a bitchute profile, good job buddy. have another star sticker for your helmet.

Designed for large Negro penis


Go kys cuck faggot.

You sound like you might belong in a mental asylum.


It's really not

Lift knuckles from floor ape

Fuck this coal burning race traitor

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Goddamn, it's fake. You got me excited for a sec there

Its quite shit actually. Its the alt right version of youtube garbage.

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oh boy. You were aryans once. Look at what they did to you.

I need to contact her immediately

you realize your just forcing taylor swift to become more and more anti-white with this bullshit right?

mossad pysop perhaps?