Trump has lost my support

Trump has lost my support

He’s has done nothing to open up America and we’re dying because of it

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The governors followed his lead. And let's be honest, he has sent mixed signals. One day he is claiming that "the cure can't be worse than the disease" and the states need to reopen. The next day he is damning Georgia and Sweden.

All he has to do is end the emergency, just end the horror, but he won't do it.

Trump to stop governors?
Trump strong armed governors to get a 50 state shut down, then threw a fucking fit when Georgia told him to fuck off.

Trump started it, he owns this shit

>Trump has lost my support
Betting you were never a supporter

I voted for trump to deport people & improve society. No one deported and shit is shut down for stupid shit. He warned we would get sick of winning.

Guess what winning means to trump? Compromise, fail & call it winning. Im tired of it thats for sure

And you have such a variety of choices to choose from.

You assholes are moronic. You can choose one of two piss poor choices. To say you support Trump means: He's stayed close to his campaign promises. But really, if you were to make a standard of quality? Would he measure up?

Then there's Biden. That old fuck doesn't know what day it is much less where he's at?

We all want better choices. So OP you saying he's lost your support, What in the FUCK have you ever done for your community to even HAVE support to give him?

Thought so, go back to mom's basement and shut the fuck up.

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'I was. I'm ridin' with Biden to accelerate this collapse already. Fuck this gay earth, fuck this country and fuck the Fed and their money printer.

If immigration becomes the issue again he can't lose because of the crazy shit Biden will be forced to say. It'll be the exact same lesser of two evils situation as 2016 but instead of hatred for Biden like it was for Hillary - it will be people sensibly not wanting to have someone with dementia as the president.

Everyone has influence within their own circle, he's just the lesser of two evils now, no real platform to argue for, plus he's a massive globocuck enabling the lockdown and actually scolding leaders who have the balls to say no to this shit.


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Tards don't realize that the Executive Branch is more than just the President. It's the Cabinet and their thousands of contacts that run everything, even if the President gets the final say. If Biden wins, he'll mostly definitely flood it with the most spiteful niggers and kikes imaginable who'll want to ban white males from owning spoons. Biden could be a vegetable, but his handlers would still run everything.

>Trump has lost my support
took this long?

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he was a russian asset anyway

Trump gave Wall St. $6T. He has (((BlackRock))) shelling out 100% face value for worthless assets for kikes. You got $1200 one time payment. And you're begging for it to be "opened up" so you can go back to work for this system after what it just showed you? Trump had 3 years to forcibly reindustrialize this country for at least basic and critical items and the only thing he did was bomb shit for israel and give no strings attached tax cuts to the people who outsourced in the first place.

Get your bag.

If you keep voting for the lesser evil you will keep getting evil, it is lesser, but it is still evil. Dont vote for evil, period, otherwise you will keep getting what you dont want, that is how we got here.

where my jebheads at?

Yeah I listen to TRS also.

>not gonna lie, former drumpf supporter here, now I'm votin fer open borders and givin all my tax donations to based illegals

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The problem is a simple one - we're out of money. The country is. We can't keep up this pace. People don't seem to understand that because they're used to the government having this seemingly bottomless pit of money. But it's gone. We are incredibly fucked as it as. At this point, the only way to ensure we have any future outside of a Mad Max scenario is to open everything back up and let the chips fall as they may. It has to be done.

Biden can't handle Trump in a debate. Trump's greatest enemy is the press rallied against him, twisting every word he says and every action he takes. If it's just a one-on-one fair fight between Trump and Biden? LOL. No press to save you this time, Uncle Sniffles.

4 am, eating a burger and reading retarded shills screech that drumpf is done. Just another day on Yas Forums.

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Trump was ZOGed from the beginning

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>give the greater evil a better chance to win

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implying trump has done anything for white people, and his cabinet haven't been doing horrible anti white things, like encouraging rich asians to immigrate here on special EB-5 visas.

no body is voting for joe Biden

the japs are claiming only 200 people died in the entirety of Tokyo

why? because they wear masks

if old people stay home and everyone wears a mask things will be completely back to normal by September

Trump needs to gas his cabinet

Morons think it's bad now. "Why should I vote for drumpf? He's done nothing I wanted him to do"
Let Hillary (or Biden or who the fuck ever) win.
Monitoring of all social media mandatory.
Tracked down by government, fired from job, kids taken, you're thrown in jail for making tranny joke.
LGBT indoctrination starts in kindergarten.
Gov't bans homeschooling.
25 million illegals get amnesty
"Free" everything for all, including new illegals who come rushing for welfare, schooling, housing, medical care
Trannies take over. If you call it an "it' you're going to jail.
Reparations to blacks.
Reparations to everyone non-white.
Your paycheck is now taxed 80%
White privilege diversity training mandatory across country.
Learn Spanish, white man.

Did everyone just forget about third parties?

Third parties are fake and gay