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Go to sleep schizo



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Hello, Shlomo!

Go to sleep, brainlet. This is the best thread up right now.

Holy fucking shit.

Yeah, this is pretty wild. The unfortunate thing here, is that there is no palatable to convey this information to the normies. I think we're pretty much fucked.

*palatable way

America Jones tried to warn us.. topkek

Yeah. Gave us a blueprint really.

Alright.. so was David Goldberg an actual whistleblower or was he a Jew throwing us off track? Maybe a glowie? Was this all an elaborate hoax? Pretty fucked up that he predicted the virus, lockdown and TTID... The fuck is going on here?

Man.. I'm not even sure if this is a simulation or not. Nothing makes sense anymore.

You made a spooky thread bro.

My guess he was an asset to be controlled through strategic marriage and then suddenly died after he started digging into things and releasing them.
Hard to say if that is reality, but it has been reality of spy games of nations for a while and she is an extremely public figure, that is being pushed everywhere and a lot of critique surrounding her is how fake she is about all the social justice causes she champions and vanishing when anything remotely looks like a crisis.
She's from good stock, has the average super powered employment history in silicon valley and world spanning good cause NGOs and since they approach almost anyone with the right background.
His cause of death has been revised at least once.


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what exactly am I looking at here...

So what your saying is, I better call the boys and get my town ready to shoot it out?

What? Huh? Enlighten me.

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Mark of the beast my dudes.
It’s not just a bible meme

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Fuck off Malachi

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David Golberg's notes.. Project Zyphr.. Yas Forums has been talking about this for a couple of years now..

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That does it. I'm going to round up my posse for little talk.

Seriously.. you need to see a psychiatrist.

Why do you do this, man? There's no doubt that you've seen enough evidence. Why? What is wrong with you?

You are obviously a paranoid schizophrenic. Please just take my advice and visit a psychiatrist. There are plenty of options available online. You don't even need to visit an office.

Gotcha, im a 2015 transplant here, I'm relatively versed in conspiracy, but I've never heard about it, will have to dig about

Laugh all you want, faggot.

The notes and the video predate the virus. It's a pretty big coincidence.

Dude, i'm on your side. I don't want that shit either.

Nothing ever happens it’s like you niggas don’t understand that