Damn, what happened? He seems to be losing his mind

Damn, what happened? He seems to be losing his mind.

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You feel for the fake headline to?

he's not getting much morning nap time -- im not joking

he's a retard, but he's right

if Clinton couldn't win the election, why the fuck would dems think Biden can?


in the last days of Trump, what seems like it should be fake, or the Onion, is actually what's real

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because there's this little thing called the COVID-19 catastrophe, or have you been in your little mind-bunker this whole time

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Wowee it must suck to have sub 80 iq

>1 post by this id

so you actually think Trump poorly handling COVID-19 is gonna win Biden the election?
yeah because it's not like Biden is becoming senile and is gonna get fucked in the debates or anything
not even mentioning all the controversy and scandals he has

but you're right COVID-19 = President Biden

arrogance will be your downfall, it led to the dems downfall, i wonder if it'll lead to yours. Trump was a joke to them back then , now bidens a joke to you. I love this timeline

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Trump will never get the nuclear codes!

Why are you hitching your wagon to a dying horse?

I heard that people plan to vote Biden just to put the Deep State back in charge, because they know he'll be their puppet and they WANT it so.

It seems like he still hasn't, so, good job there.

At this point I'll vote for anyone who runs as a Democrat just to piss you off.

Defending a president with severe brain damage. Read the Trump sentence you posted. What the fuck does that even mean? He just puts random words together

>Anonymous sources say

I like how people on Yas Forums will pretend to believe this just because they dislike Trump.

He’s losing to Joe

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Yas Forums is 50% fan fiction

Two questions
One what has Biden done during any of this? Has he done literally anything to help or is he just posting cringe videos no one watches
Two Trump won with slightly less votes last time, what makes you think any of the 63 million people who voted for him then will abandon him now

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Yeah bro, vote Biden instead so the United States will lose its gun rights, get flooded with more violent brown people and sell what little it has left to China

Do you really think that what he said is smart my nigger?

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kek all the shills can't handle context.
>b..b.. it's over for him!

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What are you gonna do with your life when he's gone and you are no longer paid to defend him?

Everyone's already forgotten that the dumb fuck actually said "We win" about the coronavirus a full month ago. He seriously cannot do a single thing right.

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>he was only pretending to not even be able to form a complete sentence