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French chad making cheese.

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Why are you people trying to turn Yas Forums into the new Yas Forums????

I'm a faggot, correct link :

Pol is so much better with 14 threads about trump, 5 about biden, 4 about isreal, 5 asking why white girl are trash and 12 about big block cack.
You right

Sure, but the aayyy lmao and are x white threads are fine...

It's political what women are capable of

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they can't get enough attention

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hey babe

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lol i'll copy that


You need to say something like "Oh, sorry, I'm only interested in real men with penises. Bye."

I refuse to pay the troll toll

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that was Grindr

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stop posting your garbage here, not funny at all. get on froganons level or get out.

>Let thread die

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Feminine penis alfa frog is back!

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A teacher at fuckin 21... kek

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is she wearing her pants weird or is her body really like 60% waist?

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probably pushes around a cart

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future inmate. dykes are insane.

Wasent she just hired to make a girls star wars series and used to work of Weinstein

Ugliest shit I have ever seen.

Thats sad, she’s lost her kids. Men will divorce rape you and steal your kids, what woman would want to get married these days


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>four kids at 23 and single
Jfc this is why these dating apps make me so sad. Kids deserve a loving family.

you would know

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stupid faggot

keep denying it

Hi! Are you trans.. ?

Damn,fooled me

French chad, you got some more of the good shit?