How frustrating must this Virus be for Trump? His whole life he could buy anything he wanted...

How frustrating must this Virus be for Trump? His whole life he could buy anything he wanted. As president he can bully Republicans and Fox News to bend the knee and eat his ass no matter how retarded he acts (inject disinfectants). This virus though is different. Trump can’t buy a cure, he can’t bully the virus on Twitter to stop spreading. Trump is completely powerless. Knowing how much he is suffering during this time brings me great joy. Fuck the leisured aristocracy.

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Trump is not the leader as much as he is spokesman. Destroy him the idea survives.

What idea is that? Neo-Liberal Zionism?

Anti globhomo

Then why did he bail out the cruise liners? They aren’t American.

The globocrat party did that.

Those abortions keep happening

The Chinese virus was easy to turn into a political weapon as you have seen the Democrats and media use against Trump. The problem for Trump and Republicans is that they are incompetent. The Chinese virus was the perfect opportunity for Trump and Republicans to go hardcore against China as Trump claims that he is and rip globalism that has given rise to a powerful China and the vehicle of quick spreading of the Chinese virus

Instead Trump and Republicans dragged their feet allowed Democrats and the media to control the narrative then Trump as usual runs his fat orange mouth on live TV talking to employees of the corporate media who have made if clear they hate his guts until he fucked up and said stupid shit. The incompetence of Trump and Republicans are directly to blame for the current political situation

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Trump is peak globohomo.

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Trump doesn't want to rip globalism. He wants to end barriers to it. If China would have ceded control of their state banks in the very first round of negotiations, he would have gone door to door kidnapping first born sons if China had asked for it.

But still beats corrupt, rapey, dementia pupprt in november.

>How frustrating must this Virus be for Trump?

Extremely frustrating. It's obvious that he took action way too late, waiting weeks before shutting down the country. Now, it's spiraling out of control, unemployment is rising drastically, and he cannot blame anyone but himself for being an absolute retard. That's why he's so obsessed with using China as a scapegoat so focused gets moved away from his lack of competent leadership.

He was probably planning an reelection on the strong American economy (which he wanted to take credit for), but that's in shambles right now. I'm curious to see how this plays out in Biden's favor

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He runs his campaign on anti american 5 th columnist infiltration.

>Trump is completely powerless

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Depends on how much effort the Democrats and media put into defending and propping up Biden. If the media are able to keep Biden going through the current sexual assault scandal and Trump keeps fucking up I give Trump a 50/50 chance of winning in November. Democrats did a terrible job picking pedo Joe but if Trump does not get his shit together and fast he will be a one term president

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What it really highlights is the lack of any significant attempts at re-industrialization in the preceding 3 years of his administration. His "good economy" was mirage just like the good economies of the two faggots before him. His whole administration is just blank checks for israel, desperately trying to rehash Obama-era rationales for escalation in Syria, and juicing the stock market with buybacks.

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Anything is possible, given the infighting within the left, i think Trump still wins.

Democrats are 1/2 goldman sachs and 1/2 che guevarra

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China half assed their containment, not hos fault msccp.

You guys really believe Biden will win?

China should have halted flights from China when outbreak occured in China.

I think there's a good chance, especially if this corona situation escalates even further

Flight manifests will be studied .

Yes. /pol keep full of incels and /ptg is full of zionist incels. Women vote. And they have taken the virus seriously while trump says sarcasm. The women I've talked too boted for him in 16 but are done with him. They didn't know if they'd vote for biden but knew they wouldn't vote for trump. Biden will win the popular vote. Everyday thie goes on, and trump does nothing, the more likely he loses

>what did they know and when?
>what was their response as far as travel of their people _from the afflicted region to other parts of the world_ !! ?
Even if it was an entirely natural accidental outbreak from some shady meat market, what did they do after that?
What would YOU do if you were China? Would you make sure to fling shit onto everyone else to ensure that the economic impact would hit everyone, so you'd all be falling instead of just you?
I'm not accusing anyone of anything, I'm just saying that's a possibility.

China knew they had aids and knowingly spread it.

>Fuck the leisured aristocracy