Why does Russia have such a massive victim complex?

Why does Russia have such a massive victim complex?

They whine and bitch about everything.

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Same with Americans when it come to China.

It's not a victim complex, they collapsed and are perpetually demoralized in a land of endless gloom and wilderness.

No one gives a shit actually. We did some horrible things to other irrelevant nations and we are proud of it

Why is it that you can only be happy when everybody is miserable?

That’s actually kinda based

Because this is how things actually work

Tell your countrymen next time not to whine when I piss on russian flag and take a video of it

Eh, a victim complex? That's not exactly how I think of Russia, just speaking for myself. Even when they seem weak to me, it's more of a corrupted fanatic kind of weakness. Russia emblemizes the corruption and falsehood endemic to nationalism itself. It's a nation that collectively can't handle the way crime has shaped and scarred their history... but they don't wail about it. They just live in the invisible city of false superiority.

misery loves company

It’s hard to go from superpower to an out of the way backwater. Especially when you watched oligarchs and corrupt politicians steal everything that wasn’t bolted down throughout the 90’s. Things looked up for a bit there but then you realised the robber barons had just gone to grab a wrench to take what was left.

An invisible city is any society where problems tend to go unaddressed, because fixing them would make people look worse than refusing to admit they exist.

Mexico is worse.

Lmao, tell your countrymen to wear protective masks while they’re cleaning toilets in London

Now that sounds like Russia

Labus, you should make a disclaimer at the start of your next video telling them that they did the same thing for centuries and they'll calm down.

Its all part of the plot where the exterior aggressor (the West) is responsible for all their woes in order to get them distracted from Putin and his henchmen.

In the 2018 World Cup, when Domagoj Vida, a Croatian player, said Glory to Ukraine or something, all the braindead Vodkas cried and demanded he be banned. Apparently it's just too offensive for Russian pigs when you show a bit of support for a nation they're trying to annex. This shithole is completely incapable of banter.

This is narrative. I used to believe that bullshit too. The most corrupt country in a developed world is the US. Here it's gangster style shit as MO. Americans are more crooked than the Russians too. It's a selling point of trying to discourage americans from seeing Russia as an alternative. It's a valid concern, because Russia has a shit load of land and is able to attract a lot of people in the US who wouldn't even look towards Russia as an alternative. Meanwhile they can't give away land in the East. The whole Russia is corrupt meme is some narrative. All European countries are corrupt. Some more, some less, but they all are. Singling out Russia as corrupt and say Germany as not is ridiculous. US is corrupt and pretends it's not corrupt, so it makes it even more corrupt and delusional. So what this does in the end is that Russia addresses their perceived corruption. While at the same time the US pretends it's a beacon of freedom with 0 corruption and at the same time what we tout is something we have virtually none of. There is less corruption and more freedom in Russia at this point, and it probably wasn't a case even 10 years ago. It's all about perception at this point. Also keep in mind that less corruption is sort of bad for big business. So to see real corruption levels, you should see where big business thrives. Without corruption, big business has no competitive advantage.

Life was always shit in russia. What is it worth having so much land if it's a depressing shithole.

Wait until you meet the Polish.

To be fair russia has been attacked many times.
and many more. i dont blame them for being paranoid. usa and russia should be friends and btfo all the lil countries who evny us.

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I think you mean the chinks, chang.

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Are there even any resources in all that wilderness? I've been googleworlding this month and think the spade peninsula and Okhotsk sea look cute and comfy but every single named town and village of east RU looks like detroit with rusted as shit industrial towers and pipes in the back ground. It looks like they founded a million settlements just to fluff the map.


>Srame riff amrerircans ren it croms to chrina.
Yea, nah. Fuck off Paddy O'Chang

Misery loves company.

When you treat a Russian the way a Russian treats you they lash out. Double standards are the currency of this world so long as the other exists.

Stupid pink amerifat piggus. Russia/Chinia will take over soon.

Russians aren't human, just some sort of horrid mongol-rapebaby creatures that are grown in vats of fetid potato water, crept from the dark east

I think they take that as a genuine compliment.

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Dude you're an irrelevant island of felons. What are you talking about?

Meanwhile in Germany, you willingly and proudly let Africans and Muslims rape and impregnate your women.

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You really think it doesn't happen here just because the news doesn't report it?



>The crimes, described as ethnically motivated hate crimes by officials and commentators,[1][2][3] were covered extensively by the news media, and prompted the passing of new laws. In 2002, the nine men convicted of the gang rapes were sentenced to a total of more than 240 years in jail
Yeah, that's completely different to Germany.

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That's just what happened back then with fuck all migrants.

You know there are nigger rape gangs throughout Melbourne targeting Whites only? You know that local councils pay victims to keep quiet about it so not to reveal that obvious racial war?