What is behind the rise in white nationalism among lonely bullied teenagers and 20 somethings?

What is behind the rise in white nationalism among lonely bullied teenagers and 20 somethings?

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>White are to blame
>You are white
>whites are guilty
> You are white
>Whites are evil
>You are white
Oh boy, is that the smell of gunpowder on the horizon?
For your sake, I hope you stop shilling here and lead a good life risk free

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name a white male in their 20s who hasn't been bullied.

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incel mentality, race superiority, bigotry, etc.

Cool flag... I wonder... is OP jew, black or brown?

All whites... college educated, non-ce, white women… went Trump... something the media and shills try to bury.

"Muh suburban retards" is a shill myth. Urban areas went Hillary ONLY due to their black and hispanic populations. The college educated vote demographics Hillary won was ONLY from jews, blacks and hispanics. See pic related.

Hillary also only got 37% of the overall white vote.

-----> 37%

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Really makes me think.

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Most interesting.

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They need to accept that the white race is dying. Only a few more million newcomers, user. Not long now, until you're minority. Within your lifetime. Your anger has lost. Why spend all this time venting, when you can accept it and move on from places like this? On to happiness. This empty venting is useless in every way. Just accept it and go enjoy life.


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The hacker Yas Forums

Makes me ponder.

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Yeah add the face when you never even felt sex
How would you be mad about what you never felt

Lack of a Real father figure

>le white nationalism
>accept that the white race is dying
Hey rabbis.

Creating and changing the meaning of words as a form of thought control goes hand in hand with the birth of the jew funded (((social political movements))) of the 20th century. Socrates predicted it all centuries ago. We now see it on a daily basis.


Through all of history... peoples were judged on their character, culture, intelligence, way of life etc. etc.

If you had a culture that were complete shit heads, or noble, or anything in between... those peoples having e.g. X color skin was not a factor in that judgement, only a descriptive. There were a multitude of black, white, yellow and brown cultures all looked up and down to at varying degrees. Simply read the bible or any other old texts like the Greek philosophers.

With the rise of (((social and political movements))) like (((communism))) you had attempts at thought control come into play. E.g. "You're not allowed to think X about X people, because that's "racist"! i.e "That's a thought crime!"

This came into prominence during the communist revolutions of the early 20th century. There in particular used to make it a "thought crime" to question the motives of the communist movement... "You are racist! You are antisemitic!" (early communism was almost entirely a jewish movement). Pic related.

You see words as thought control used in a multitude of other ways by various social movement

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>white Cali men are based
Huh. Who knew?

An even better question is how white men let all of their countries get taken over by Jews. Even the trump supporters seem to love (((Q)))ushner

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lol u drew a p p

Really sparks my synapses user

>Whites are to blame
>You are white
>whites are guilty
> You are white
>Whites are evil
>You are white
You don't have to be super pro-white or super anti-white or anything to acknowledge (if you're honest) that a good chunk of modern western (especially American) politics basically comes down to how hard you can blame white people for everything while simultaneously claiming that "whites hate you and blame everything on you".

This is the modern foundation myth, brought to you by the jews.

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>What is behind the rise in white nationalism
Jews, niggers and their raycism.

>teenagers and 20 somethings
No white supremacy overwhelmingly frowned upon in the younger generations, on the other hand communist aympathies are on the rise.
White supremacist ideology has massive amounts of (((corporate support))) and it's basically baked into the american economy and political system. It's starting to dry up though since these faggots haven't even accomplished any of their faggoty ideological goals, and managed to be so retarded and short sighted that they pissed off the feds, who had been turning a blind eye or literally collobarting with them for decades.

i.e. the cancer, the cancer symptoms and the cancer symptoms

The slave trade was a jewish enterprise. Jews push slavery myths to cover-up for themselves and to D&C the populace.
>711 AD - Jews help Moors take over Iberia
>711-1400 - Jews run all the vice in the Mediterranean, including the slave trade and even child slavery
>1492 - the year Jews were finally expelled from Spain
>1492 - the year Columbus discovers America
>1492 - the beginning of the rise of the Atlantic slave trade
>most of the Spanish merchants, traders and explorers were jews evading the inquisition

The slave trade, cotton plantations and sugar plantations etc. were utterly run by jews. See this thread for the full facts:


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Here's a poem

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>(((social and political movements))) like (((communism)))

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Even hitler himself admitted that slavs are the superior race.

Consider the recently released tapes from President Richard M. Nixon’s Oval Office when, in 1972, he and Billy Graham discussed what they obviously viewed as the Jewish problem. Referring to Jewish domination of the media, Graham says, “This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain.” “You believe that?” responded Nixon. “Yes, sir,” said Graham. “Oh, boy. So do I,” said Nixon. “I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.” “No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something,” Graham said. Mr. Nixon turned the conversation to Jewish influence in Hollywood, and Mr. Graham said, “A lot of Jews are great friends of mine. They swarm around me and are friendly to me because they know that I am friendly to Israel and so forth. But they don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country, and I have no power and no way to handle them.” Nixon replied, “You must not let them know.”

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>the gov is jews
Okay go fight the feds lmao