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Hong Kil-Dong

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Worldwide Support for President Kim Il Sung (North Korean Propaganda Film)

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Any happenings?

Kys with your Korea shit faggot

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Gibraltar is ours SpanishCuck

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Please not 26 again.

Don't give a fuck about this country. Full of mongrels niggers and refugees you can keep them stupid bong

Supreme leader

UwU upset Spaniard go cry

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>one day this will all be mine

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Did Kim die?

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of fug here we go


Nah RussianBro - Not news yet REEE

deus vult bro

I mean, how bad could it be...

Kim's not dead you retards. If he was they would have announced it by now.

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Simp thread.

Why is he AFK Then bro


He's in hiding so he doesn't get COVID-19 dipshit. He just doesn't want to admit that to the people since they believe he's a god who doesn't get sick.

If he was alive he would had been on t.v already

Sad take, Kimmy is Eternally AFK


Bump and Roll

I like the part where Stalin helped Hitler invade Poland.

>Gay Old Sports Highlights
>Chad NORK Movies

Also Yas Forums Approved