Why are east asians hugely more creative then us westerners? Genuine question...

Why are east asians hugely more creative then us westerners? Genuine question. Was watching some chinese and japanese tv yesterday and the way they do stuff is really intresting. They combine art with technology with such an ease. I rearly get to see that kind of inventivness here.

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I've never met a creative chinaman

nice try chink

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Either you are Asian or bullshitting.

>>Pic related

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>""""us"""" westerners

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>east asians hugely more creative
Dunno if retarded or trolling. China are the biggest IP thieves in the world. They haven't really created anything of note since the printing press.

>Was watching some chinese and japanese tv yesterday and the way they do stuff is really intresting.
no it isn't. all of the tv shows are the exact same garbage with over-exaggerated "HHUUUEEERRRRRRRRRR????" and "OOISHIII" over and over and over. asian tv is somehow worse than western tv, it's absolute trash

“Kenmin Show” was on just last night. For those who don’t know, Kenmin Show is a show where mostly talentless celebrities are amazed at footage of regional differences in Japan. Examples include “Did you know that old women in Osaka wear bright colours?” HUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEERRR? Well fuck my cock right down to the balls; no I did not know that.

The particular clip that shat itself into my living room last night was of some little old dear on some little old island off Kagoshima making a local delicacy. They interviewed a few local people.

Do you, sir, eat this local dish?

Well yes I do.

Cue ripples of excitement in the studio.

Do you, madam, eat this local dish?

Well yes I do.

Talento bird with stupid fucking hat tries to look inquisitive.

We re-join the little old dear in her little old kitchen on some little old island off Kagoshima to watch her prepare the mystery dish. First she gets some fish and grills them. The panel in the studio comment on how nice they look. The old dear then pulls out the second ingredient. What could it possibly be? Tits on Christ it’s a secret. We can tell this ingredient is a secret because it has been edited in post-production and obscured with the word “SECRET”.

The panel, visible in little boxes in the corner of the screen, ponder the many wondrous possibilities. Some knob in thick rimmed glasses audibly asks himself, “What is this mystery ingredient?”

One guy on the panel, a Kagoshima native, is looking insufferably smug. He already knows what it is. The cunt.

Kitchen. We see the old dear breaking the fish apart with her fingers and throwing them in a pan. Some twat in the studio says “wild”, other twats giggle. The secret ingredient is introduced to the mix so that now the pan itself has become shrouded in secrecy.

It’s not over. We see a third ingredient, sugar. Not a secret, but no less important. In fact the sugar itself has inspired awe in a number of the studio audience. Not one, not two but THREE spoonfuls are added to the secret brew. The two hosts of the show, wide eyed, silently mouth the word “three?” to each other.

“Ah yes, three”, the smug fucker from Kagoshima nods to himself.

Back to the action. The feast is complete. The little old dear whisks the dish out into the dining area where it is received with rapturous applause from the eagerly waiting friends and family. They eat it. They confirm it is delicious. Talento bird in stupid hat says it sounds delicious. Cunt from Kagoshima already knows how it tastes!

Meanwhile, us poor saps at home still don’t know what it looks like. Not to worry, it’s time for the big reveal. Cue music, camera slowly pans down towards kitchen bench. What is it? Could it be?


Commercial break. People eating. People gulping. Birds cleaning faces. People eating. Sexy yet compact cars. People eating.

We return to the show. Luckily we are given time to compose ourselves with a recap of the little old dear in her little old kitchen on some little old island off Kagoshima guiding us through the process of cooking once more.

15 minutes have elapsed since we were first privy to the existence of this magical local delicacy but now it is time. Cue music again, camera slowly pans down towards kitchen bench again. Talento jizz faces again. Huueeerr again.

We are allowed to see that inside the pan is mushed fish. Bird in stupid hat confirms that it looks delicious. Studio audience reasserts this fact. That’s not what we came here for though. The fish mush is just the warm up. We still don’t know what the secret ingredient is. WE MUST KNOW. Fear not. It is time.

The two hosts announce energetically and in tandem, “KAGOSHIMA, COMING OUT!”

Cue music for the final time. The camera, positioned on the old dear’s face ever so slowly pans out, the people at home, the studio audience, the panel in their little boxes in the corner of the screen, are all wetting themselves in anticipation…



Miso paste.


It is absolute fucking chaos in the studio. Nobody can fucking believe it. The bird in the stupid hat looks almost incredulous that someone, Japanese no less, would use such an ingredient in such a dish. The knob in thick rimmed glasses nods as if he has unlocked one of the great complexities of the world.

Just when the atmosphere couldn’t get any more electric, the two hosts announce that the mystery dish is here, in this very studio. It is ushered out into the waiting mouths of the talento, who clap in wonder. The bird in the stupid hat can finally say with conviction that the dish not only sounds, looks, but tastes delicious. The smug cunt from Kagoshima has a face which beams “I told you so!” and welcomes his new brothers and sisters to the higher plane of regional knowledge.

Commercial break. People eating.


This sounds about right. Asians don't develop a sense of humour or subtlety beyond that of a 5 year old. There are a few exceptions as seen in Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong cinema, but that's about it.

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it seems unique because you arent used to it but keep watching it for 5 years and youll see a lot of shit repeated

sounds comfy but probably gets old quick

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Yes, because they're shaped like dicks.
Advanced alien races use space-ships shaped like vaginas, as the geometry of the pussy is the missing secret of the Alcubierre drive; the universe revolves around pussy, which makes stretching and squashing space-time itself a doddle.

This was amazing. I felt like I was there in the tiny apaa-to capsule you must live in watching it uncomfortably over your shoulder and forcing you to smell my hideous american body odor in the process.

Thank you for the riveting and flawlessly delivered recap

Asian TV is the frickin' bomb. Less fags and propaganda. Give me hours of cooking shows, live singing, and warring kingdom dramas any day of the week over US of Gay TV. Love AZN dramas, same applies above. Don't care about the budget, it's at the very least made by a human and not some AI algorithm and calms me the fuck down. American TV ENRAGES ME CONSTANTLY, AZN TV calms me the fuck down.

Anyway, the secret to AZN ingenuity is simple. It is the Chinese word "chabuduo." This word means "almost" or "half ass." But positively, it means engineering things to be simple. The Japanese have a graceful elegant chabuduo. The Chinese have a chabuduo that tends to cause explosions and building collapses.

The Japanese chabuduo actually brought us the anime drawing style, it originally came to be as Western comics and animation were too detailed and too hard to draw, with Americans even rotoscoping things (projecting a real person onto the animation paper) in the beginning. Anime style drawing simplified it elegantly and brilliantly, while still bringing a good result.

> “It is not daily increase but daily decrease, hack away the unessential. The closer to the source, the less wastage there is.” - Bruce Lee

So, in fact, learn to halfass, but do it in a graceful and elegant way that brings a better final product.

For more srs, though, I believe it's partially education. It's quite obvious European minds on a genetic level are more creative than Asians, judging by all of modern society being built on the foundations laid by Europeans, including all of Asia. Chinese used to eat each other and die at 30 before the evil white man came along and brought antibiotics and water filtration.

But the problem in Western education, is besides deliberate sabotage, there's I think too much emphasis on creativity, and not enough emphasis on actually having fundamentals you need to build something. Creativity without fundamentals to make something is pointless and wasted. The typical Western mind sees a Chinese kid being forced to endlessly play classical piano pieces as being constrained. The Western mind would also say "Wow, that child drumming on pots and pans is SO CREATIVE." The problem is, if the Chinese piano playing child wanted to, he could with the skill of repetition, actually make an original piece of music on a sheet. The kid with pots and pans despite "omg so creative" has shit to actually create anything.

So math, science, etc, are all lacking in American public schools. So no matter what latent creativity there is in us white people, it means absolutely fuckall, if you can't even read a tape measure, know basic geometry, etc, you can't create anything at all. You need the boring repetition learning as the base, then you can be creative.

>Did you know that old women in Osaka wear bright colours?” >HUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEERRR?
Topkek this sounds lame. Our trash is at least more intense like show about alcoholess that don't know whos the father of their children and there are dna tests n shiet

Russian Jerry Springer and Maury?

The CCP have had a major push for years to hold back the west in the hopes they could eventually surpass them.

chinese is only creative when it comes to cheating

I dunno. There is unbelievable trash just believe me bro

Ive never met a creative asian.
Ive met plenty good at math (engineering level), but none that could solve a problem in a creative way.

it is known

I dont think anyone would think to make a virus spread it all over the world and make every person on earth hate them.
Thats pretty creative.

TV is only for old dumb tax black hole JIJIBABA who cant internet