You see her on the frontline in Beijing, what do you do to her?

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commit sudoku


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Grab her by the pussy

>tfw procreate with asian
>have half asian baby
>hapa grows up to be spiteful and hate his white side
>hapa is now a teen and spends all day posting bbc cuck porn on Yas Forums

Two shots center mass. An enemy soldier is an enemy soldier.

Assuming she is in fact in uniform

Grab his dick and twist it.

probably shoot her
if she's at the frontline she's probably in the military

Based. Hapa men were made for BBC.

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Marry her

I'm so disappointed in you pol, the first post was not the COOMER meme

Look at that oily gook face. Disgusting.

She has skin, doesn't she? Accept the fact that you were born wearing your uniform, son.

Spread her sweet asian asscheeks and eat that ass. Imagine the smell.

Then I'd pump her full of white cum to WHITE the Chinese president's bloodline.

Xi daughter went to harvard. They literally call it a school of the ccp. Fucking traitors

then you're destroying your own race.

Asian + white baby = Asian baby.

Colonize her womb

She is not free like America. So she can be killed with much violence. If she is in America she can live but must only eat hamburger.

Incorrect. We obviously won’t agree on the morality of it but the legality alone makes it a no-no.

Pretend she doesn't exist and walk past her.

Execute of course.

Is that Xi’s daughter? Use my European looks to seduce her, marry her, and take over China from the inside. Since tiktok is owned by China, and also since Reddit and tons of social media platforms are China’s bitch, as proven by the Honk Kong stuff, I’d just get rid of all rules on them and allow Yas Forums ideas to flourish on them youtube 2016 style. I’d also consider harnessing the Chinese demographic advantage and would use the Chinese to Zerg rush said social media platforms with Yas Forums ideas JIDF style. As the Zoomers and other younger groups become based en masse, I’d fund the shit out of any groups they start forming. In the meantime I’d be very kind to the Chinese people and would focus on meeting their needs and catering to them, as they wouldn’t be too happy about a white dude leading their country, and they would also be suspicious of me using Chinese power to help out whites. A few democratic reforms and PR stunts would keep them happy though. As Boogaloos and shit continues to occur in the Western world, I would mend relations with Japan and Taiwan, as well as obviously forming good relations with any based states that emerge out of the conflicts occurring in the world. I would name my successor as some Chinese dude to please the Chinese who weren’t even ran by their own race forever, and I’d retire in Minnesota.

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An asian+white baby is better than an asian+asian baby. The hapa women can serve BWC and the hapa men can serve BBC. It's a win-win.

I admit I'm Asian and I do this. I take pleasure in the fact that it has to work with some of you mayoboi idiots. Corruption and perversion of the mind is irreversible. Controllable? Yes. Reversible, no. I hope I've made many wh*tebois cucks by making them jerkoff to to the 88C

Same asia bro
I'm from thailand and BBC post
All the time i larp as a whitey and
Like to make these fags feeel insecure

I don't think anyone falls for that though. It doesn't even make sense anyway since white men are tall and masculine. The most aesthetic pairing is definitely black man + asian/hapa man, combining the primal nature of blacks and the meekness and femininity of asian/hapa men. The contrast is very beautiful and let's face it - you love it too.

Kidnap her and ransome .
I want a diesel sub and 3 nukes

based. They're a disease.

Where is your flag, punctuation nigger?

Shove my huge dick in her tiny pussy, thrust continuously as she cries in both pleasure and pain, then reach climax inside of her and win her undying affection.

Well actually I’ve developed a bleaching fetish overtime, not so much for blacks though because they simply aren’t attractive to me. However destroying some Chinese town while giving some girl like OP’s pic the BWC would be the experience of a lifetime. The only whites who actually get into the BBC stuff are spergs and very low test “men”

Keep doing it. I actually fap to interracial cuck porn anyway so it only adds to the experience of being on Yas Forums. People think that all whypipo hate it but you guys are doing me a favor.

You don't understand wh*te women. Many live in a bubble all their lives. They see a black athletic, rapping, tall and masculine man as an exotic ravager that can pleasure them without their own guidance. Like a true man should. They are forbidden ecstasy to wh*te women, and that makes them feel all the much better to them when they are being pleased. Whit*bois can't compete.

The only disease here are the ones your Asian ass is probably spreading. Notify me when Japan beheads you or something, they’re cool

Rape her

>Japan beheads you or something, they’re cool
>tfw I'm full blood Californian Japanese.
t. Weeb who fell for the Hitler Nazi Japan meme.
Get real, in the United States we're Asian first. All thanks to you wh*toids. Thanks for uniting us through your hate and jealousy.

Nope that's the asian/hapa male sexuality. Nobody is more obsessed with african penises than you guys. You just try to project it on other people since you don't really want to admit that BBCs belong in asian/hapa men. White women are more masculine than asian/hapa men so BMWF is not really a good pairing in terms of contrast. I consider BMA/HM the pinnacle of pairings. Just imagine a huge BBC tearing your little asian boy butt apart. Hot as f.