Hating niggers when Louis Armstrong exists

>hating niggers when Louis Armstrong exists


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That was back when niggers were under control. After 1965, it went downhill.

What is a bell curve

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>hating niggers when Bob Marley exists
Survival is the most based album of all time.

They've always been out of control, why do you think Eisenhower had to force people at gunpoint to go to school with them.

No-one ever acknowledges it but Sam Cooke was legit out guy. Was redpilling normies on race and IQ in the Jim Crow era.
>Don’t know much about history
>Don’t know much about biology
>Don’t know much about the science book
>Don’t know much about the French I took

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Black people are more ethnonationally-minded than whites or asians, and as we can see in Africa, people/tribes being split up and conglomerated with others has caused the continent to go to shit.


2R Cain
>Curse of Ham
>Repatriated Kikes
>Sickle Cell (Matt. 15:22)
>Inbred Mosquitoes (Gen. 1:24, Matt. 15:26-7)

XX Cunt
>Submissive Sex (1 Cor. 14:34-5, 1 Tim. 2:11-4)
>Daddy Issues (Gen. 19:8)
>Stupid Bitch (Num. 30:3-16)
>Lustful Whores (Lev. 21:14-5, Tob. 4:12-3, Gal. 5:16-9, Eph. 5:3, 1 Thess. 4:3-5, Heb. 12:16; 13:4)

degenerate, demented, demonic, demoralizing, depressing, detestable, diabolical, discouraging, disgusting, dumb public suicide cuck faggot nigger
niggered fuckee traitor trash burns petrified sage in hell

discriminate the nappy niggers
>Ex. 23:29, Matt. 7:6
boycott the destitute niggers
>Lev. 26:22

enforce the anti-nigger laws
>Lev. 19:19, Deut. 7:1-4; 22:9-11, 2 Chr. 22, Ezek. 44:22, Matt. 5:17-9, Rom. 13:12-4
niggers, jail them all
>Ex. 21:20-1, Luke 12:42-8, 2 Cor. 6:14-7

deport the diseased niggers back to rapebolaidsfrika
>1 Kgs. 8:53, Neh. 13:3, Matt. 25:32, Rev. 5:9; 7:9; 11:9; 13:7; 14:6; 17:15; 21:24; 22:2
reinstitute apartheid for the hideous nigger sub-sahara
>Gen. 16; 24:3-8; 26:34-5; 27:46; 28:1-2; 28:6-9, Ex. 11:7; 33:16; 34:10-6, Lev. 20:22-6, Josh. 23:5-16, Judg. 3:5-8, Ezra 9; 10:2-19, Neh. 9:2; 10:28-31, Mal. 2:10-2, Matt. 10:34, 1 Cor. 5:9-13

re-enslave the lazy niggers
>Gen. 9:22-7; 10:6-20; 28:1-2; 34, Ex. 21:2-8, Lev. 25:44-6, Eph. 6:5-8, Col. 3:22
penectomize and neuter the retarded niggers
>Deut. 15:17

bomb and shoot up blacked niggers
>Ex. 22:19, Num. 25, Deut. 22:20-1; 23:17-8, Ps. 106:26-43, Prov. 6:24-35, Rom. 1:21-32, 1 Cor. 6:9-20
Lollicost 2: Satanic Niggaboo, X Y DNA edition
>Gen. 7:21-3; 19:24-9, Num. 12, Deut. 23:2-8, 1 Kgs. 11:1-13, 31-9; 16:30-3; 21:17-29, Neh. 13:23-31, Jer. 2:5-37; 13:15-27, Ezek. 16, Dan. 2:43-4, Hos. 5:3-7; 6:7-10; 7; 10:2-12, Jonah 3:7-9, 1 Cor. 10:5-12, 2 Pet. 2:4-19, Jude 1:4-18, Rev. 2:14, 20-3

>Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, Adulterers (film), The President's Keepers, District 9, The Route, Stories of Our Lives

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buddy johnson is also fairly based and red pilled

>implying marley didn't want all africans to go back to africa and stay there

What did they mean by this?

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Louis Armstrong is just one exceptional negro.

what did satan mean by this

Nearly every black person that has argued for black accountability and self respect has also argued for segregation. MLK had it wrong. Malcom X was based.

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pick one...

Hating shit when chocolate exists.
>there is a massive pool of poo but there are bits and pieces of delicious chocolate mixed in with all the

>this is you=

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You pick one, faggot.

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Why limit it to one nigger life span?

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Go suck his black nigger dick, gay edgelord

>true story
>dis nigga had Richard Nixon help him smuggle a suitcase fulla weed into the US

>not understanding the value of cultural purists
Good luck dealing with all the Muslims that are not just hostile but antithetical to your society, Britbro. I know they like grooming Anglo girls and fighting against white civilization. Hope that works out for you.

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He does not though. He's dead.
So are most tamed nogs, the new ones are feral.

OK, let's talk about about muslims:
Our country has yet to vote in a Shia muslim with a fake birth certificate, twice in a row.
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Louis Armstrong wasn't a nigger - he was black. There is a difference between blacks and NIGGERS.

Not all blacks are niggers (thought quite a lot of them are), fucking newfag. Yas Forums used to know the difference.

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He still wasn't a real black man

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I don't hate niggers, I just want them to act like niggers in their own country instead of mine.

Eisenhower didn't know jack shit

> yet to vote in a Shia muslim

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Lol, like I need a complex ridden American MUTT to give me lectures on what's right or wrong.
That pic related of yours, you should use it. I sure won't.