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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>Pres Trump on Protecting America's Boomers 4/30/20
>Pres Trump meets w/NJ Gov Murphy 4/30/20
>VP Pence comments to reporters 4/30/20
>VP Pence visits GM &Ventec Life Sys Plant in Kokomo IN 4/30/20
>2ndLady Karen on F&F 4/30/20
>AgSec GrandpaSonny on FoxNews 4/30/20
>LabSec Scalia on CNBC 4/30/20
>ActDHSSec Wolf @Auburn University's McCrary Inst 4/30/20
>NECDir Kudlow on FoxNews 4/30/20
>WHSrAdviser Hassett outside WH 4/30/20
>WHSrAdviser Hassett on FoxNews 4/30/20
>PrinDepPressSec Gidley on JohnFredericksShow 4/30/20
>Bannon on CNBC 4/30/20
>Pentagon Press Brief (ArmySec McCarthy/Army Ldrs) 4/30/20
>Pentagon Press Brief (UndDefSec4A&S Lord) 4/30/20
>StateDeptVideo: 5G Networks &CCP 4/30/20
>WHVideo: AgSec GrandpaSonny: Pres Trump Loves Farmers 4/30/20

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new baker needed

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Welp. It finally happened, I had to dump Trump. I was a supporter since day one, ordered every season of The Apprentice, stayed at Trump Tower in Chicago when I visited, bought all his books and highlighted my favorite quotes with the classic neon yellow highlighter we used back in school, I did everything to support this man. But, now, I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of staying up all night on social media trying to defend all of Trump's blunders, the countless broken promises, the way he bungled America's response to the deadly coronavirus pandemic and said we should all inject disinfectant were just some of the latest. I'm tired of always being stressed out, wondering how badly new errors will hurt him in the polls.

It finally hit me, this man has been exposed numerous times as a weak and ineffective President, so why am I staying up all night, every night to defend him? It's time for ALL of us to fess up, Donald Trump tricked us, he made us all believe he would make America great again, well he's NOT and I'm tired of pretending he is, I've spent nearly every night over the past four years trying to defend him, and I'm exhausted, angry and lacking so much sleep.

IT'S OVER, I'm sick of it! There's going to be a big, blue beautiful wave this year, and we may as well grab our surfboards and hang ten into the 2022 midterms. Now I'm going to rest easy and catch up on some much needed sleep, but not before putting my MAGA hat into the garbage can.

Finally, peace.

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yo fags when is the biden morning shoe?

that image is very powerful

I also hate skeleton and furries

hahahaha it's not even a white guy, that's just a lightskinned nigger

why do they make Trump look badas

pic is so cool. they make it ironically but it comes out so good.

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8 or 9 burgers out pajeet

How long is india on lockdown, it's great not having pajeets call me non stop woth their scams?


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> File: ThisNovember.jpg (93 KB, 1024x555)
how could you possibly support the filth on the left in this pic?

kek other than few shops and restaurants, we're opening most of it on may 4th.

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>all those free troll (You)s I got last thread by pretending to be hardcore in favor of balkanization

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now I like sugar and I like tea, but I don't like NIGGERS, no siree!
there's two known things to make me puke: a hog eatin' slops and a big black SPOOK

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>Nigger get beaten up by Niggers

You put a swastika on potus. That ALONE shows you have mental illness with basic logic.

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Smells like damage control.

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pretending to be a retard is still being a retard. you have successfully chosen to waste your time being retarded. the one life you have on this planet, and you want to be a retard. way to go

Imagine if niggers would occupy a capitol these days with their guns they already own. Oh wait, they are stolen.

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it's taken you 4 years to hat a mutt meme and bucket tool it orange. i want the shills from 2016 back

You're not even trying anymore.

>le epic

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>merely pretending

if they had some legit grievance against the governor and not some ooga booga bullshit I'd be all for it. politicians are our servants, and they should not forget that

belive them because there woman? no.

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that user is a SHILL
he fights for CHINA

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I wonder who those (((legal experts))) might be

James Comey, it's SPRING, time to revoke your security clearances, and reduce your freedom to zero. You've served well as a traitor and now you'll honor it with serving as an inmate.

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cumo: the vaccine is so important for our national psyche

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Carole Basculin

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Trump please tweet


They insinuated for years that the rumors that Brennan was a muslim were false!

Proof Brennan is muslim idiot

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> our goal is to get him fired
> do we have to tell him his rights?

the question to ask the legal experts is what would convince the judge that he was entrapped?

They are obviously operating from the position that nothing counts as entrapment when it comes to muh russia


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Great meme Comrade!

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Proof they covered for him

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Nah, I was also being super troll-y with some Canadian shill too. It's not the first time I've done something like that, but it has been quite awhile.
>my favorite is pretending to be an easily offended CivNat from Le Donald

But I had fun doing it, and that's what really counts, is it not?

But pretending can be so much fun!

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they are gonna have to invent a 12th shift to put cumo on

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this is ace combat 7 is really makes me wish I have played all previous games

just because you think someone did something wrong doesn't exonerate flynn.
also 10 could be broke it doesn't make him innocent. he admitted to the judge he lied to the fbi. case closed

So I got paid my stimulus twice for some reason. Same two adults and three children on two of my accounts worth. Pretty fucking sweet.

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when the meme is so bad, you just can't make fun of it


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