Answering that other anons question of how to access SWIFT terminals, well you basically need to work at a bank, and in a position that does inter-bank transfers. SWIFT is the system that the whole world uses to transfer between banks/countries worldwide.

I will need some help from anyone who can provide a way for anons to access insigniagate files. I looked, but I can't find them in my stuff. I know it is there somewhere and will keep looking. If the dollar truly is backed by 600T dollars the fed could print money almost endlessly and we would never see inflation, at least in the current economic system. If all this is true Trump essentially took over the entire world in a fiscal sense with one swoop. First swift here others will follow.

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I am stealing your link user thank you for posting :)

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Redpill me on Black Rock Inc

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Here is the other shit they uncovered: scribd.com/user/51841385/TheWhiteHats

screencap of archived thread for lazy anons

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Your link needs anything other than what you are using currently
>flew over my house
Yeah. About that
Nope. Miss
I'm in the camp of it's all bullshit and theatre
But I believe it
I can't even afford to kill myself until my Trumpbux come in

Fuck! I can’t get away from work at all. I saw swift and automatically twitched.

>t. Banker


Another youtube video when insignia dropped.
Basically the gist is that an account that wasn't known about had 600T in striped gold, described in insigniagate about a year ago. SWIFT proof here. This is so many times the entire world economy it is insane.

I know the feeling lol

can someone explain this in very simple terms to a retard like myself?

Sure is in here
Nice link OP

Lurk moar

So is America the ultimate jew now?

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Moar on Eliahi Priest / Contact Zero / Insignia: youtube.com/watch?v=StsEmn_Gnc0

It could be, but honestly I am in the Punished Trump camp. Too many things supporting this. The jews Trump keeps around are anti jew or people he is using to that end, possibly to make them think they have some control. His mentor jew hated jews. HRC killed his best friend JFK Jr. I can imagine the sort of shit Trump would do to get back at them. He always says revenge is a worthy goal

Yes. If this account is under treasury control 2019 inflation/prices will stay the same for so long it basically doesn't matter. No matter HOW much they print

>chosen by the people
this is where all of that falls apart.

Why is that?

Out of 45 presidents, only 3 or 4 were coronated by the kikes. America has nearly the cleanest record of any country when it comes to the people picking the president. If the people didn't pick the president, politically interested parties wouldn't spend multiple billions on shutting out populists and gaslighting voters. They would just pick their guy and keep their money

600T in gold ? How the fuck did they collect so much of it ? Did they centralize all the gold reserves after the end of the gold standard ?

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because having the treasury be in charge of the system of printing off monopoly money and effectively socializing the market could only be construed as a good thing if you trust the government. if the president is a stooge of the bankers (they are, no matter what), then you've just given the same group of people more power over you.

Yes, and much of Europes reserve was taken after WWII as payment for helping rebuild europe. At the time the deal was use dollars, eventually you can buy back the gold. When they finally came back with dollars to buy it Nixon killed the gold standard so it wouldnt work. Likely because the gold was no longer held by gov. The rest was Dragon family in china.

at the end of the day its just paper and shiny rocks. only jews think this shit is worth anything.

What do you suggest we use instead? Bartering with billions of people in the world? Nobody wants your miku figures faggot

holy shit. did we (US) kike all the world's gold by "going off the gold standard" right when we'd have to give it back? Is this a complete global financial takeover that has been in the works for almost a century?

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We're the jews now. We control all the money, and everyone has to come to us. Unlike before, where you could ask us, or you could go talk to the loan shark down the street, who was us in moustache.

Yes that is exactly what happened lol. The thing is it wasn't supposed to be in someone like Trump's hands. He basically took over the engine that runs the world economy. It was supposed to be her turn though, but now any bank in the entire world has to ask Trump for money lmaooo

poor retard was memeing all alone

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OP from the other thread I just got here I'm checking it out

Who knows what the plan is for this. We will all be waiting for the happenings

is this why UBI is feasible all of a sudden, and we can just print forever? I don't know that I really care, but how will this affect the rest of the world? are we just set, and they're all poor now, because they have to keep dealing with us?

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So do I buy gold or not fags

Yes, they don't answer to the Fed anymore, they control NOTHING. Any country with no gold will have to suck our dick or go immediately into financial collapse, because everything runs on the debt based economy that needs new currency, especially now.

That's a whole lot of hysterical screeching.

The central banking system is controlled directly by the US treasury now. Worldwide.

>if the president is a stooge of the bankers
Trump :
I am the banker now jpg

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My brain

Its expanding

>Out of 45 presidents, only 3 or 4 were coronated by the kikes.
This is naive in the extreme. Try nearly every president since Wilson.
>If the people didn't pick the president
They do, that's why the media simply controls who becomes a main party candidate. Whoever controls the mob controls the country and that is the media.

The main thing is that the US government had no say in any of it, they were always going to the mustache twirler

this is... huge. This is a complete paradigm shift. Not even the Chinese can escape this. and if we're right, Trump just unified the world. It's a one world government. under Trump.
Do we trust that this was ultruistic? or are we all about to get the chip? I mean I'm thinking if we just ended all wars, there's no reason not to go to space, but I'm still concerned about further government overreach here.
I'm oscillating between excitement and horror.

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>bends knee for covid sham
another link in the WWE facade imo
i wanted another jackson too, but trump isn't it. look how easy they're rolling over for him to win 2020.

yeah. there's boom-bust cycles to it like any enterprise, from the money changers in rome to the proto rothschilds in old-ass england to the several iterations of the central bank throughout americas history (why do you think andrew jackson was so maligned? only president ever to shut that shit down and there was a civil war RIGHT after monetarily backed by rothschilds thru jp morgan i think, who at the time were essentially rothschild emissaries). read the book i linked, it's dense but easy to follow if you're not a complete brainlet. it's a little sensationalistic but good.

So honestly did Trump have Corona released to dump the markets and create a recession and national emergency powers declaration in order to beat the Cabal and take the FED? He took all the gold by using the Executive Order he signed in 2018 to seize control of forfeitured assets by those who are guilty of human rights violations AKA human trafficking.

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Dude I hate to agree but its almost true the DNC clearly doesn't want to win I swear it doesn't make any sense.

> and if we're right, Trump just unified the world
> and if we're right

You're not

More likely via NSA he knew they were planning to do this for a long time

Wait wait, how does it relate to the bank for international settlement ? The FED is still under their rules and regulations if I’m not mistaking ?

What are the proofs that this 600T worth of gold bank account exist ? Because if what you are saying is true then the petrodollar will end for the goldollar as the world currency. I tell you it smell kikey AF...

My little poopoo brain is in pain right now

Just through their own surveilance powers? How did the NSA get created? I'm going to look that up. I always agreed with that theory because it was Mike Rogers from the NSA who supposedly warned Trump about his tower being wired tapped by the Obama Administration.

>big laser light show for 2016
>massive false flag like many of us anticipated in the form of a pretty obviously tarted up "pandemic"
>"lol look guys, a world wide unitarian monetary policy backed by nothing with banker puppets and politicians at the helm!"
i was on board with Yas Forums from 2014 onward, and 2016 was something spectacular, but you can't look at this and tell me we didn't just get long dicked by the globohomo.

Silence frog or Ill have you nuked into the stone age.

>money changers in rome to the proto rothschilds in old-ass england to the several iterations of the central bank throughout americas history

>read the book i linked
what book?

I don't think he has the balls for that, honestly. As in I don't believe he would intentionally kill that many people to do this. I think he stepped into the middle of their plans and turned it, though. This was never his win, it was hers, remember? and then he came out of nowhere.
I'd be ashamed if I were Canadian too.

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>If the dollar truly is backed by 600T dollars
How can the dollar be backed by dollars - that literally makes no sense.
Backing only works by other assets.
Dollar by oil ( previously oil ) etc.

covers similar ground, explains the mechanisms of the Fed up to 2008. from there we should be able to fill in the gaps.

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In our own country it is NSA vs CIA. They have been fucking with each other for ages it's not like its new. NSA has surveillance powers There are no meaningful rules for the FED. Only in the context of our gov vs them, but now those are gone. Trump is forcing them to buy every single toxic asset at the moment too. They will be bankrupted from this and we took their stash

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