Yas Forums is anti pedo, fuck off catboys and pedo scum!!! cant defend this

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Fuentes hasn't said anything about the Epstein accuser that claims Ivana Trump used to regularly accompany Ghislaine Maxwell to procure little girls.

What the fuck.
(11 year old)
>"cause i cant ask for pictures of your tits

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Catboy is going to jail

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Bruh, what the fuck is this

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Degeneracy parents cant imagine.


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Not wasting 23 minutes watching this shit. Anyone got a summary?

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its bad user, very bad. They are abusing kids live on Omegle

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Nick's catboy admits to having gay sex, and goes on omegle asking 12 year old girls to show their boobs and feet

So, nick about to get roasted tomorrow on his show?

He defended this guy way to much. Then he trashes on older people and acts like zoomer faggots raised by single mothers and mix race shit skins are somehow better than us. Nick is a fucking loser DESU with awful style but at least he pushes some good messages like no ending all immigration. If you are going to put yourself out there as a public figure for a moral cause don't be a fucking loser scumbag. No one is perfect but its not hard to not be a fucking faggot.

>Calls Destiny a pedo, openly associates with chomos and probably is one himself.

Color me surprised. Someone should find out if he molested his twin sister when they were growing up, wouldn't be surprised to find out if he did.

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>Giving money to the optics king

To be fair, kids shouldn't be on Omegle in the first place. If their parents allow that shit (or are too distant and uninterested to care), then they're basically being abused already. That being said, watching Catboy Kumbath try to be edgy around 11-year-olds is depressing. He deserves a bullet.

Nick is a neocon faggot who pretends who be “America first” America is fucking dead already there is no going back

Fucking zoomers growing up with hedonism as the norm trying to morally grandstand to us older generations is a fucking joke. This fucking kid can get fucked in my opinion. He either needs to step his game up and completely disavow or get fucked by a man like the fag he is.

Nick Fuentes also collaborated with Sam Hyde, another infamous groomer

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Which one?

With destiny its kind of the other way around, any girl that's into him must be a pedo to some degree.

after the CHN vid, I AM SURE he molested his sister

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If you can't not fucking be a creep around a kid on the internet I don't want you in public where kids are. Kids should be able to enjoy the internet without fucking disgusting fucks ruining their most brain expanding years of their life.

God damn role models are alway so gay and flawed im sick of trusting anyone honestly. I mean even I am a shitty person

In a perfect world, user, you'd be right. We don't live in a perfect world. Be smart; protect your children.

Literally a nothingburger.

Cat boy is a certified gay rod that needs to be hung but 90% of the first half of the video is alluding that kami is involved with a secret foot fetish elite ring. He also uses boomer talking points that nick hates America and is promoting hate. Then he takes a lot of nicks clips out of context and tries to attach kamis behavior to nick.

Not saying kami isn’t a degenerate or that nick is clean, but the guys taking kamis shit out on nick. Also towards the end he says that worrying about demographics is for basement dwellers
For someone so worried about kids he sure didn’t care to connect kids like ebba being killed from immigration

Video only had to be like 5 minutes

How is this a nothingburger Nick fagtez is a pedo same with all the other groyper faggots

Abusing kids online is nothing to u optics cucks??? IRONIC

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>guys taking kamis shit out on nick
Maybe that's because Nick has stuck by this guy and defended him

just a twitch streamer being silly on omegle to make his audience laugh, not moral from a christian perspective but not criminal

muh ebba, how bought the 500000 missing kids every year stolen by satanists...

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why is this person important to you? Is it because of your low IQ?

Nice finds OP

Fuentes disavowed cat boy multiple times, get your head out of your ass.

>tries to attach kamis behavior to nick
Nick sperged out promoting himself with this guy. If he doesn't disavow him at some point, then he is tacitly condoning Catboy's pedo faggotry. This is more than bad optics. This is the internet, man. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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Reported a satanist ring and feds arrested the fuckers. I’m too far in the rabbit hole now. To be fair 500k in US aren’t taken by Satanists. Missing kids is 800k a year and 90% are found. The number never found is still huge, and how many do you think are in fact satanic motivations? 10k would still be a massive number of children.
Nick should disavow. Not saying he shouldn’t. Only reason I’m defending nick is because we have several lefty discords and YouTubers that have called for their fan base to attack this issue and ruin nick. We need more right wing shows like nick, but like it or not he’s done a lot of good. Lefties can’t beat nick in a debate so they want to ridicule and deplatform


Disgusting faggot. Nicks homo fanclub will continue to defend this degenerate

>t. Faggots

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The fact is that nick is most likely a fag. Dude when I was his age I was jacking off 3 times a day to stored memories of my female classmates. His noninterest in women is completely baffling

Yeah I don’t think should be so nonchalant about this. He should call out Kami as a faggot and enemy to america. I understand maybe nick realized he fucked up when he got involved with this queer, but now that the cards are on the table he should tell him to kick rocks.

Exactly. He doesn't lose anything except degenerate deadweight (unless Nick really is a queer like his sister and secretly lusts for Catboy cock).

Nick Fuentes is peak optics and the vanguard of our movement.


I always knew there was something up with that dirty old Namekian. He's always hiding out in that tower way up in the sky hanging out with the darkest nigger I've ever seen. Who knows how long Kami has been grooming kids for and using Mr. Popo to snatch up the children. Why is the government turning a blind eye to this so called "guardian of the earth"?

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It’s possible he’s gay but that fact that Yas Forums thinks he is means he’s probably not.

Hes not uninterested in women. He’s talked about chicks tits several times on the show. He’s not interested in whores which most women are these days.

Most of these threads are just to undermine nick from leftypol.
>he’s secretly gay
>he’s a neocon
>he’s a communist
These are Alinsky tactics 101.

I’m skeptical about the motives.

Well, you can't expect him to know since he doesn't have any parents.

Pedo Peter Pan peanut butter alert

Here it is

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Catboy kami actually held his own against desTINY when they had their little debate a few weeks ago. Can anyone on here say the same? You guys bestow judgement on two of the most prominent and active figures in our movement yet you yourselves have done NOTHING to help the cause. If kami spread his tight cheeks and let a nugget tumble out of his asshole falling straight into my mouth I would consume it with the utmost glee.