/cvg/ - Corona Virus General #3555 - Take a Nap Ukraine Edition

► Detected: 3,308,678 (+4,458) ► Died: 234,123 (+293) ► Day: 113 (-18:05:00)

— 5.1 billion people under lockdown —
— 212 countries and territories infected —
— 11x more confirmed deaths than swine flu —
— 83 vaccines and 312 treatments announced —
— 4,147 strains have been sequenced —


Maryland Gov. protective of his state’s coronavirus tests

Experts predict up to two more years of pandemic

North America's livestock will be euthanized because of supply chain disruptions due to coronavirus

Russian PM Mishustin Diagnosed With Coronavirus

New York let coronavirus-infected nurses work in upstate nursing home

Doctors In Europe Warn Of Link Between Covid-19 And Toxic Shock Symptoms In Children

WARRING CANNIBAL RATS emerge in US cities as food production crashes from Covid-19 closures

Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19

Remdesivir does not speed up recovery from COVID-19 compared with placebo

EBV acute infection was found in COVID-19 patients

CCP notice to destroy or send them coronavirus sample vials

Coronavirus may lurk deep in lungs after patients recover, study suggests

Self-reported symptoms of covid-19 including symptoms most predictive of SARS-CoV-2 infection, are heritable

Long-term persistence of SARS-CoV-2 and its ability to maintain infectivity in aerosols for up to 16 hours


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whole lotta nothingburger

people still shilling this fake virus?

>Dead: 239,853
lol, still only 239,853.
How many days has it been stuck at 239,853? Four days? Five days?

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Based. Gary is back.

GARY!!! So happy you're okay!!

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Wait, what?

>tfw no mommywife to quarantine with
its not fair bros

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And mommywife is here! Comfy thread time?!

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Same man. Same

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This image comes from the "Memories of Wuhan" github leak that Chinese citizens were arrested for. Taken sometimes between late January and mid February, it is photographic evidence that not only was China aware of the severity of the problem, but chose to withhold that information from the rest of the world. The Chinese government should be held responsible for the global pandemic and the related deaths.

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omg, he return

Whats the narrative now nothingburgers?

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oh shit nigger

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also nice job with the previous thread link, retard

member when this was like 50 deaths?
i member

here's the thing man, if someone coofs on you, knowing they have the virus, there's ground for attempted murder charges. It's in the public interest to know who's walking around with this stuff. "Contact tracing" is already done by Google and Facebook, their apps are constantly monitoring your location, you already signed away your rights to privacy, don't like it turn off your phone.

>women can't commiserate with other women during /lockdown/
>they'll bitch at you 24/7 instead

why do you wish for pain?

>the United States
The United States did shit-all. States decided to shut down.

user, are you the one using baking soda as a prophylactic?

user, i made few videos from wuhan, which you can find from my channel.

Now situation is that i made theme without footages

it's either another massive commie implosion or another world war.

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Why do we have to get back to work again? Surely Mister Goldberg will understand that it might not be safe yet.

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I don't think in the US most prosecutors would go for attempted murder. I've seen similar things prosecuted as "assault with a deadly weapon" which doesn't assume an actual attempt to kill.

What's your opinion on flip flops

yes, about two-thirds tablespoon before breakfast (or one hour after)
it's also a good laxative.

Mommywife, not standard trash tier woman

fucking kek death rate for south korea barley .1 percent for people under 50 all cvg fags on suicide watch.

threadly reminder that death rate is between .2% and .4% for anyone under 60 and if your under 30 it’s basically .1% or less. once you factor in unreported recovered cases death rate plummets to .05% .

reminder that everyone in cvg are loser queer’s and faggot doom shills. they are hopeless r9k losers and not polacks. they have miserable lives with no meaning so they hope that the virus will destroy everyone else’s life. they also feel special for posting on Yas Forums (any monkey can do that) and think they are “hip and ahead of the curve”.

in reality they are a bunch of brainless doomer idiots and nobody loves them.

also reminder that the cvg narrative now matches the msm narrative. so no need to really go on cvg just watch msm faggots.
cvg is cancer death rate is .2% kys.

these threads should be on bant. cvg is a little autistic cult at this point screeching at each other.

OP had tons of garbage tabloid info just to catch people’s attention. mommy’s so proud that he runs cvg though i’m sure. op just screaming for mommy’s attention.

>look mom i accomplished something i run cvg on Yas Forums arnt you proud

>waah he’s ruining our cringe larp please make him stop even tho the virus only kills if you were in world war 2 wahh
reminder not a single person in this thread will present any info to counter the abysmal low death rate
also reminder that the argie op is some cringe faggot who s entire life and day revolves around posting these fucking threads and updating the Op with more hyperbole and unsubstantiated tabloid cringe. imagine for a second that it’s your entire life. that’s op kek

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If you can give someone aids and come out with a misdemeanor, I'm sure they won't be giving anyone attempted anything

whoops, that was the wrong one, not that this one is much better.

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>implying there's a difference

>two-thirds tablespoon before breakfast
Noticed, thanks, I'll add it with the Zinc and Vitamin C

I'm sure you'll find a mommywife one day friend

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All bullshit stories cooked up during Gates' "Event 201" no doubt. Or the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 "Scenario Planning." Change into some non-pissy pants and do some independent, critical thinking ffs. Lemmings!

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Yeah, likely they also at one point figured out it is not lung failure but microembolism and hemolysis due to massive oxygen radical stress. Also, the Wuhan lab could have likely told them it is able to hijack CD169+ macrophages.

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Anons, I fucked up. They said pepto acid works for corona, I drank a bottle of pepto bismol. It hurts, it hurts soo much.

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Found this:

You live, you die ... you live again. :)

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take it easy though, just keep it at half a teaspoon diluted in a glass of water.


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The absolute state of canada

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Kek nice

Gary in the motherfuckin house. This nigga been here since day one

281 new cases and 15 new deaths in the United States.

No one worry; it's in California.

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Yeah, aggravated assault is essentially assault with a deadly weapon. It's assault with disregard for life, or with the means to kill. Makes sense.

Except that one guy who was exonerated because his virus was at undetectable levels.

ngl bc is kino af

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here's hoping that white Californians don't get affected much :-\

Can we protest the beach closures? If California lets people go to the beach maybe more of them will die.

>US flag OP

It used to be considered a murder, so a felony and up to life in prison. Then California made it a misdemeanor and it's been downhill from there. Also, theft under $900 is a misdemeanor and selectively enforced in parts of Texas and California

Lol like these people could handle a few hours without their black mirror to scry on. Don't get me wrong, I think it's necessary, but I don't see it ending well long term for the people here. We think our governments in the third world are bad but they are just thieves, they don't go out of their way to harm the people the way they do in the US.

Your heart is gold but we deserve it.
>t. commiefornian

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Yeah, there's 49 other states that aren't legal laughingstocks.

What do y'all think of Oxford? Will they BTFO corona chan?

The king of CVG makes his return.

Moments like this remind me that half of the population is below average IQ

>rona-type vaccine

Also true. Makes me sad hearing just how retarded California has become

How do I pick a Waifu? I pick characters before but I couldn’t decide on a single one.

Treatment will be anticoagulants and something to stop the vascular endotheliitis in critical patients ... which will mostly be either genetically susceptible or suffer from badly treated diabetes. Nobody will ask for a vaccine (which has low chance of providing full protection anyway) in a few months. Biggest issue is still the virus hijacking lung macrophages ... that one might need some creativity to solve.

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>Moments like this remind me that half of the population is below average IQ
Every other person I see when I go out (who is wearing a mask) only has it covering their mouth (with their nose exposed).

It's a constant reminder.

It's based on a previoys MERs vaccine which is speeding up the process. I think ADE is going to be an issue though.

>Pepto bismol
Doesn't work anywhere near as well as Zantac, go get some it's otc and cheap.
Oh wait you can't because the kikes ERASED it from the market this month

but trump supports forced isolation retard


>has become
Nigger, Edison fled there to start what would become Hollywood because that state was too retarded to know what patents were.

At this rate we're going to go back to more threads than deaths in 202 months
Happening faggots btfo

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Because he doesn't have the right to bear arms?

Dad, I mean user, okay I laughed when I got it.

Wow i cant believe ccp reported 240k deaths