Created something Cool

I know there isn't much of us, left on /pol anymore. For the one's who are. Enjoy this video!

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what video

>The audible sigh from the glownog when it isn't a Facebook live stream

Blessed thread

That's sweet, man.
Real relaxed.


Thanks guys.

Fucking based!! God damn spooks. Bitchute

Fuck these kikes work fast. Try uploading to to Bitchute.

Where's the video?

Wow some yid is getting a raise. Reup brother

Will Do boys! Was not expecting Them to work THAT FAST! I will post the link when its uploaded to bitchute.

I don’t know if it’s ai or just them chilling here

Fuck yeah, give us a link.

Probably both.

Aaaand it's gone

Are you sure you don’t know?

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Cute fox but yeah it’s probably both idk

Wtf was it?


Thats gay niggers fucking

Fuck off. What was the actual video?

Checked ID. Also, patience. Looks like it will be on bitchute soon. Inb4 vice writes an article about bitchute if they haven’t already.

Sorry guys, bitchute is taking FUCKING FOREVER to process the video.

If styxhexenhammer666 has taught us anything, it is to be on multiple platforms and Vermont stuff. Visit this thread and make one about "safety" lol.

holy shit they deleted that quick

kikes deleted the 1932 performance of lizsts les preludes simply because it's the version hitler used for the reich radio broadcast. they're a ruthless evil that need to be completely eliminated.

Jesus user hurry up before this thread gets pruned

Got it


gimme video or else

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This is real video


Fuck off back to plebbit

Ok here’s the reupload:

Got a rake just for you leaf

I like ms paint 2

It says its still being processed. But heres the link.