He's absolutely right, why haven't we ended the shutdown already? It's time to re-open America and get back to work!

He's absolutely right, why haven't we ended the shutdown already? It's time to re-open America and get back to work!

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everyone too scared to comment? ok

Well this aged poorly lmao

Kushner’s running things. THEY always end up running things.


I saw the democrats plans. notice the ones under complete lock down are democratic lead states. Notice the MSCCP's narrative? Then let's blame orange man bad. Plus lazy niggers get free money to vote for Clinton.

Well, we're only supposed to see 60k dead Americans by the end of this pandemic according to Fauci, so clearly it's already over, so we're good to go.

Why go back to work when you get 600 a week plus unemployment when you're job pays $7.50 an hour.

Because the coronavirus testing is a genetic test

The vaccine will be used to implant a microchip to track you

Wake up. The commies aren't coming. They are here

Whoa slow down there guy. How is this a genetic test first off?

If current trends continue US will surpass EU by death per capita in about 2 weeks. Untill this happens migatards can always say that at least Trump handled it better than Europe.

They're looking for Christ's decendents so they can complete the shroud of turrin's genetic code, and clone jesus. Shit I can't believe you didn't put all of this together it was so obvious.

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What's up with all the Leftists shills?

Don't they realize they're here forever?

that's because Dem states have higher Corona due to higher density dumbass

Well you had my attention now you have my curiosity. Is this a joke or you forreal because even if you are joking that sounds feasible given we have cloning technology.

Cause I want NYC Jews to chimp out and redpill the masses


Why do all conservatives have this way of talking and even typing to a degree where you can either hear a draw to their theoretical accent, or the innate stupidity that comes off their posts, ya know? For example, when asserting a statement, there's a lack of evidence presented nearly every time, and a single emphasis on a minute detail that most of the time is irrelevant or a straight up lie.
10/10 this kind of person needs to be pruned from society.

Ever heard the 23&me conspiracies?

the official death count seems to far surpass the difference of the spikes

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I have had my manhood challenged by my employers in the past. It's because my T levels are through the roof and they can sense that.

Opening the economy now would just make things worse

Yeah ofc. Are they confirmed and how would that related to corona?

Damn he got quads he must be right huh

how so

There's nothing more faggoty than a pathetic op who gets no replies so he cries about it as his own first post.


You're right. We need to wait until the service industry totally implodes so we can begin to transition our low skill workers back to the manufacturing sector... Our jew overlords realized a few years back that we're loosing an economic war. Covid 19 is just one piece to their greater plan.

1. they are lying
2. they are purposely murdering people with Vents for anyone entering a hospital with Cold-like symptoms

fuck the service industry. I don't really give a fuck about some retards fucking dead animals. So long as I continue to get Covid money I don't give a single fuck what happens to retards jobs


Tell all the people who aren’t getting paid how non-essential it is that they feed their families.

Tell all the people who will commit suicide because they are unemployed or depressed as a result of sitting at home with no work that at least the 80 year olds didn’t die of the coof

Tell all the people who will die of heart disease and diabetes (again from government mandated sitting at home) that they were chosen as the sacrifice to be made to prolong the geriatrics’ lives.

The quarantine is going to kill people. It probably already has

Well, since there's no guarantee it will happen I put if there.

dont give a fuck about retards with weak immune systems.

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Yet you say the quarantine shouldn’t end?

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correct. I don't want to work.

If it is true, then that would mean that the government was comprimised. If so, why would the goverment confirm the story?

Think about it

That's not the point dingus.
You break a leg, the doc's got maybe 5 minutes to deal with you before he has to go shove swabs up boomers noses for the next 12 hours of his 8 hour shift.

Medical staff are pushed to the fucking edge and make mistakes, ignore treatment, reduce hospital time. shits bad yo
It's not the virus. It's everyone else not dying. Sucking the life out of a medical industry run by bankers not seeing a dime of this shit show.

Stay in fucking door kiddo

I can leave my cellphone somewhere, not my body

If I break something (which I don't) I heal that on my own. You don't know what type of blood I have in me. Just a month ago I went through a bad situation where I thought I was seriously fucked. I was fully healed after about 5 days. I'm of a different breed so I don't need to rely on doctors, ever. My body knows how to survive. I also won't go into detail as of what I exactly do because you wouldn't believe me. I learned a long time ago to never rely on a doctor.

22 deaths huh

Surely they'll be down to 0 in a couple of days, right?


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>I learned a long time ago to never rely on a doctor.
Well having to work more than three jobs would be hard

Then train more doctors you fucking retard. It's all a farce and you can't see it. You really think if it was that dire the hospitals would get overwhelmed? In world war two they just fucking drafted women to be nurses. You're smoking so many different pipes put in your hand you can't even see the forest for the trees.

So I don't know all of the deals, but it started around George W bush's era, and is an alliance between evangelicals, the saudis and israel. The idea is to bring about and control the apocalypse. So when it happens, they'll use their clone Christ to control the world, and make him leader by showing everyone miracles. Basically it's a bunch of Revelations nuts who want christ to come back, but this clone is actually described as the anti-christ