Serious discussion about the 30 million unemployed

WHO are they? So far as I can tell, they are servers, bartenders, retail wage-slaves, hotel maids, baristas, and who knows what else.

I simply don't believe that 30 million people with even half decent jobs lost theirs.

I only know one person who lost their job and she was a fucking retail clerk. Who are all these people who allegedly lost their jobs?

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>Who are all these people who allegedly lost their jobs?
All the people at home who will NOT be called back for WORK. They just don't know it yet.

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Oh, trump is very close to drafting, so they'll have a job.

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It's at least 90% service industry workers, many part time. They'll all get back to work by late June.

Do you think the reported unemployment numbers are inflated/embellished?

Yes, correct

The entire US economy is split between high tech and service. Guess what just imploded? Service. Our lower and middle class just got fucking raped. But don't worry, itll trickle up.

Probably. I'm very eager to see the BLS numbers when they come out for April.

I have a hard time having pity on bartenders and dinner plate carriers for getting shit-canned.

When i sit back and think about it, you could say that its mostly jobs that americans wont do.

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They are the people your parents warned you would be if you didn't get a good college degree.

I've been wondering about this too. I think the majority are bullshit minimum wage jobs that Obama used to pad his job numbers for 8 fucking years. Basically, a bunch of junk jobs that pay nothing.

Not that much of the recently reported unemployed are service industry workers. Many are health and education too. Who knows what the end resulting numbers will be though? Most people affected can't get through to make unemployment claims because the backwards ass government offices can't process everyone.

don't worry, tech is on its way to shitting the bed, it just needs a little more time for the shit to propagate. have a look at to see who's firing. I work in tech, and can see budgets already tightening, and contracts not being renewed. the shit storm will come for tech soon.

I really do think they're going to get much higher. Right now, these slow mouth breathing government unemployment offices are not able to process many of the claims. Many many unemployed people are not reported currently because they can't get processed.

Me. Bartender. It's an all-the-way decent job faggot I made 60k last year.

Hopefully once this shit is over I can get out of this garbage grocery cuck job and upgrade at least slightly to something less suicidal.

>decent job
>gets laid off

I worked at ikea fur almost an exact year and now I'm furloughed

now you know how many illegals are in the country

okay im demoralized alright leave me alone

Tech will still be in much better shape, even if there are more layoffs going forward. Service on the other hand has hit rock bottom.

And now you're making Trumpbux.

Furlough, but that did make me kek you're alright user

What party are you running as?

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That on top of around 900/week in unemployment. My girl and I are quite comfy just watching horror movies, fuckin and coming up with new dinners to cook

But it does make me feel like a nigger I'll admit. I've been working full time since 17, now 32. Handouts make me uncomfortable

My dad is a factory manager and they laid off half of their employees. Manufacturing is getting raped by this. Don’t be delusional.

I got laid off a month ago and I work white collar developing consumer goods. When they locked down all the "non-essential" retail stores our sales went from millions per week to ZERO overnight. Half the staff got laid off because without any order coming in and no idea when/if those stores are going to reopen we don't have a customer base and can't pivot to direct sales fast enough.

Impulse purchasing and seasonal garbage drives a huge amount of sales and that all bottomed out when they shut down all those shitty junk shops like Hobby Lobby that suburban moms shop at.

>WHO are they? So far as I can tell, they are servers, bartenders, retail wage-slaves, hotel maids, baristas, and who knows what else.

A lot of the gig economy, too. Hair stylists that rent a seat at a salon/barber shop. Dog walkers, VR cafe attendants, car washers, mostly service industry people.

But something you have to keep in mind is that probably 50% to 70% of our economy is service bullshit that represents frivolous spending, things we can "do without" if needed.

There are also truckers who are on reduced hours or have had their routes cut. A lot of people who do shipping. Some manufacturing jobs are shut down right now due to a lack of demand. My wife works at a die and stamping company and they're shut down.

Everyone is susceptible

I work for a super corporation and we're laying off 20k in the very near future. They aren't on that list so I guess it hasn't been leaked. It'll be a nice shitstorm.

I would lick the sweat off her asshole after she finishes running.

Furloughed healthcare worker here, not invited to be in tictoc videos...


Peep that forehead, though. Thin hair, bad genes. Just my guess.

I’m self employed and my guiding business is gone, can’t get unemployment, can’t get bailout but cause don’t have full time employees. Fcuk this incompetent administration. Bleed the billionaires till this passes, they will recollect their money in time. At least I have a year worth of savings and a big garden.

Why are healthcare workers such insufferable cunts? I know a cop/nurse husband and wife and holy fuck are they elitist, and they’re spics.

Michigan here. I work for an auto manufacturer. I’ve been laid off since March 20th with no return date yet. I got to soak up a few weeks of unemployment until my company got in the Paycheck protection program, so now I’m getting paid like normal, but still laid off.

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Mostly restaurant industry stuff. And it won't be back in full swing for years imo.

The first expense which a consumer cuts during an economic downturn is eating out. Everyone agrees on that.

I personally work on harbor tour and tourist boats, trained as a captain under 60 tons (small ish boat but still commercial, say up to 40 people). That industry is dead for years to come.

>I know a cop/nurse husband and wife and holy fuck are they elitist, and they’re spics.

Any spics that aren't poor are elitist.

pfft unemployment isnt real. Cant they all be like, Programmers?!

The numbers are people applying for unemployment, so yes always inflated. The big worry is how many small businesses get wiped out. And our food proction is a disaster on many levels. And the healthcare industry took a 80%+ hit so its fucked. Oil industry will create a new superpower and many jobs and companies are toast. Hyper inflation seems inevitable so goodbye savings.

Amazing how many clueless morons cant see how fucked we are.

Because the field is full of women, and everyone tries to one up each other for that doctor dick. Thank God I am changing careers soon.

I'm furloughed, worked retail men's clothing store. That job probably isn't coming back