Be me

>be me
>at bar
>decide to go home
>go outside and see shitskin screaming at grill
>decide to interfere
>says what do you want infidel (yeah really)
>say to him to fuck off and get away from grill
>get insta punch in face
>get into fight
>think of vienna 27. Sep. 1529
>im gonna fuck this goy up
>punching the shit out of his skin
>he wont stop so i pull butterfly knife like a nigger
>i think he will stop when he sees blade
>no this insane fucker rushed at me like he saw a sexy camel
>knife in right hand hold it up the air
>punch with left arm and we both fall together
>knife cuts him in left arm
>literally bleeding like a pig
>police and shit comes take me to jail
>call lawyer yo franz i got shit here
>find out he only needed 2 stitches
>sues me for "tried serious bodily injury"
>i say it was self defense and tried to protect grill
>no fucker pay him 5000€ and have 3 years probation
>wanted to sue me again, he actually did. he wanted more money, 2000€
>judge says yes
>have to pay lawyer too
>10 000€ for helping someone
>im 23 years old

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inb4 i had a gf at this time

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Should have just killed him. Can't defend himself in court if he's dead.

id be sitting in jail then

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That's what you get for being a white knight and for pulling a knife in a fist fight against a towel head.

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Nah, just claim self defense after trying to defend the bitch from the shitskin.

i tried, didnt work.
shitskins get more empathy here than actual austrians
but who am i to tell you this right

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>dumb simp getting involved in shit that doesnt concern him
>cant knock faggot out
>pulls knife
>in western europe
>against sandnigger
>gets fucked in court
what the fuck were you expecting? Did you at leat get to fuck that bitch?

several times

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and was it worth the 10k?

learn your lesson
don't start until you are willing to go all the way

we have to kill the government, all the jews, all the migrants, and most of the leftists

That's why you carry a hammer instead.


You would get fucked anywhere in the world if you pulled out a knife in a fight, ya faggot. Your lucky you got 3 years probation. Don't be a dumbass and don't get into fights

nah, she is still in my debt tho

>most of the leftists
i hate americans so goddamn much

good post

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you're not white

>she is still in my debt
yeah she owes you about 10k

>You pulled a knife in a fist fight
You're a coward. No matter how dark that man's skin was he was better than you.

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winning is all that matters
letting someone kill you just so, as a ghost, you can say
>hyuk hyuk at least i kept the fight fair xDDD
is reddit tier nonsense

>i hate americans so goddamn much
good goy


wasted trips, who is israels bitch?

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It was a fist fight. Fist fights are inherently nonlethal. If you can't accept that you might lose and get beat up and resort to a weapon you are a piece of shit. By pulling a knife he made it lethal. OP is scum of the Earth.

I got in a fight with a shitskin. I beat the fuck out of that guy he was bleeding and crying like a little bitch. I didn't stab him or get arrested. But I was so drunk I kicked that nosey Abdul in the head so hard I damn near broke my foot, fucked up my tendons and could barely walk for a month. Violence is bad. Don't risk your health over ugly unwelcome shitskins

Thats why mace first. Now you should have his personal info.
He called you infadel, say he is racist, predujice and hates non muslims. Let the police know.

You couldn’t beat the shit out of him with you’re bare hands?

verbally threaten anyone who comes knocking at your door.

kys because you might lose against me, faggot

i did but he didnt stop

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then claim it was in self-defense, that he escalated and that you felt you had no choice.

I meant beating him up until he can’t get up.

>at bar
Stopped reading there
Bars are closed larping jig

Beep beep, warning, ignorant coward detector triggered, warning.

>gets into a needless fight
>pulls a knife in a hand-to-hand fight
>actually stabs your opponent
>tries to pull a """"selfdefence""" argument when confronted
You're just a coward.

You didn't if he didn't stop retard, enjoy your criminal record for being a simp faggot

If you're a degenerate like OP then you'd probably start losing and draw a knife so I'd be better of just shooting you to curb your degeneracy. I know niggers when I see them, black or white.


Another, rules in a street fight guy. Lol