The Minecraft Question

>be me
>play on a minecraft server
>factions mod and everything
>one of the smallest factions
>~2% of all players
>owns the majority of the land
>most of them probably cheat
>conducts the majority of all market transactions
>manipulates people to mine for them
>other players dont seem to notice
>cant complain to the admins or ill get a warning for telling them how to run the server
What do we do, is it possible to stop them?

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Get the fuck outta here mate

Learn from 2b2t

Move severs retard.

I'm sure you could especially come up with a solution, other players have tried to rid them before, a couple notable ones here and there

gee what could it be

How come 50% of players are 13% of griefers?

join 'em, duh
why NOT be on the winning team?

Lol its da minecraft jooos, upvote reddit gold

Haha, that's how it works this world. Try to make a "revolution" in the game.
It would be a good social experiment and a new branch of research in computer science, neuroscience, psicology, etc...

You saw this here first.

Another good point, though I was told not to target other players since they're just different

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>What do we do
why not go full caveman and get all materials and items yourself with your own hands?

So this is the Minecraft equivalent of discord trannies assfucking Yas Forums.

The VA MineCraft server is piggy backed off the DC MineCraft server. The MineCraft establishment is planning an overhaul next year, but even a few dozen semi-organized players could disrupt that fast. So they are nerfing the VA players so they can mod the DC server without backlash - as it would take too long for players from other servers to log on.

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Easy, slay them (sin minecraft, ofc)

Anyone else feel like the (((villagers))) are ripping us off?

Three years ago, 3 emeralds got you some books, a pickaxe, and a dozen carrots...
Today? i'm lucky to even get a few blocks of sand for 5.

What are (((they))) up to?

I don't even know user, despite their influence they don't really have a base, a spot here or there maybe, one central one but the majority move around. It's like they're nowhere yet everywhere at the same time; nowhere to call their own yet it's all theirs.

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I just crash their economy with my fully automated melon printer.

Have you seem how they look like?

insider mods are messing with the script of how many emeralds spawn above bedrock

Only a fool could store his resources in emeralds. Sure they are easier to transport and to barter with, but they lose value really fast.

Store in gold bars and bows only.


Oy vey

>implying we can’t say the joos own all the banks

Craft a furnace and burn the Jews

Minecraft sucks, Terraria better

God tier post

This thread is kek worthy.

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You probably wank to animes too.

A lot of kids play Minecraft, which is weird, because I hear a lot of real life people get killed in this game.

The inferior leatherworkers must be exterminated to make room for more farmers, in Minecraft.

>Neighboring faction is extremely autistic and constantly raids us when we're trying to build, on an RP server
>Typically just kill them or run them off
>Faggots shit talks us two hours straight
>Ok we're coming over to do battle
>Another hour of travel
>Ok we're outside the city come and fight
>Try digging under the sea to their base
>They've walled it off and are playing like a bunch of cowards
>Are you guys going to fight?
>"Nah you took too long lmao."
>they log off
>Their city is tighter than a clam's ass, it takes another half hour to find a chink in the faction claim in order to scale the walls and explore their city
>One of their bases are open and one of the players in online underground
>A few of the people in my group decide to head into the base, can't talk over them to tell them not to in time
>The enemy all logs on at once and springs a lava trap on four of my teammates
>Two manage to teleport out, two die because it's a death trap
>They bum rush the remaining two of us above ground but we manage to escape, barely
>They try to trash talk, they recorded the whole thing, but everyone on the server saw what they pulled and they were inches away from getting banned
>I told the mods not to do it because I wanted to kick their asses fair and square
>Never got the chance at revenge because the server was taken down a week later
Learned a very valuable lesson after that. Never attack an enemy deliberately trying to bait you in. Never go on the offensive without considering the possibilities of foul play, traps, and ambushes.

Duplication glitch and slowly crash their economy. Introduce thousands of valuable resources and cause hyper inflation, slowly so it's impossible to just roll back the server. It's basic stonks


What the fuck you autist
That’s wise