Wh*te "men"

>wh*te "men"

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what chair is that

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Black "men."

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Is "Bridget" that much into the game, or just have a diaper fetish?


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still better than OP's pic.


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They're both pretty damn degenerate.

somebody post the gif of the pride parade nigger with his arm up the white guys ass

*sniff sniff*

Uh oh smells like someone is stinky

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Don't settle. Lynch both

Only true gamers understand this.

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You are just mad because you don't have cool wonder woman action figures.

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My God the parents faces at what point do you literally bite the bullet

Dildo dildo Paxxxtan. All ham dalla, we shell tek over India, incelallah, and esteblesh goat fuk farm where merrige is happen between ghazi end goat, Ola hu Uber, how great our lollah?

That look in the eyes of the father. You can feel he wants to scream in frustration and agony

Maybe we do deserve to be enslaved by jews

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Poojet is high in cow piss.

I honestly believe that the contempt Jews have toward normies is justified.

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Better than being a 7th century old Arab pervert's child sex slave, you pedophelia loving sick fuck

Why don't you two "super powers" nuke each other and get it over with.

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why cant we just agree degenerates get the rope no matter their color

You both have good food and shit hygiene.
Now stop shitting up the board, please!

Honestly, porkistanis are stupid, you people try to come off as savage Arabs when you are Aryans (some of you). But that is what happens when you believe in Lola hu Uber, stupid porki

It's the wife, she has her husband totally enslaved. You can see it in his eyes.

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Fuck your pasty ass, cunt. Suck on my hairy balls

>taking the demoralization shill thread seriously
Pretty beta desu. Get it together.

This is a woman’s dorm room

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