What are their political views?

what are their political views?

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Probably something like "I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world"

It’s so embarrassing when you see people trying to emulate the looks of a celebrity, especially when it involves cosmetic surgery.

kill all niggers

the cringe is palpable

But that camel toe is impeccable.



They must be somewhat progressive considering he is clearly going out with a fish.

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Awful looking people. Just awful.

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Is that Nick Fuentes?

Her legs are as thick as his
Get this guy to the squat rack

They look like if you spilled a bunch of bleach on a nigger couple

Give me Christ of give me Hiroshima

Alright, alright. But be honest me on this one... would you?

It's also the cheap as fuck cosmetic surgery that will look terrible as you age.
If you have real money you get Lefort 2 or maxillary impactions

I genuinely doubt they have any

Whats politics precious?


shes gross.

I don't think they're capable of understanding liberal vs conservative.

Her face and hips are disgusting.

Why are her hips so angular. It's weird as fuck.

Cuckoldism and BBCians

A pyjama top WTF am I seeing? Are they mental

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They want to ensure our democracy by having voter IDs that are tied to YouTube and Instagram accounts.

>Are they mental
Obviously. Society is crumbling and people are going insane.

That’s nothing to do with the thread it’s just what was on his mind

Anti-Leg day

Ban assault squats

Donald Tramp.