Should we be able to purchase women?

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Not sure who you are & who your group is or what intentions you have, so no.

why would you want to purchase trash?

Used goods

What do you think a marriage is?

Not at the current inflated prices, no. To allow women to cash out their stocks at the peak of a bull market is absurd. The market needs to drop to fair value before men can be allowed to lay out the cash

I hear theyre $50 down at the county courthouse when marrying one.

It at least makes sense to allow a man to require a suitable payment for the marriage or use of their daughter. At least that would reduce the negative impact of having a daughter.

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You can only rent em'

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better off renting


Dip and dead pussy's bounce when?

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2 people signing a piece of paper that says you legally live together.

Charly sheen said that you don't pay them for sex, you pay them to leave. Lol. But seriously if you go down to the border you can probably catch a few senioritas easy enough. Why I bet an Enterprising man might make a decent living selling beaner bitches, or if you live in the city you could try and bag a Chinese exchange student and make her love you long time. So you see annon what I'm trying to say is never give up on your dreams !


No we should pay them to be at their feet. I'd give this Aryan goddess $50,000

You can in Pakistan. There are places where literally you pay for the woman and they give her to you. But if you have money, you can be anywhere here and people will give their daughter to you in marriage. You could be 59 and she be 16.

i wont even pay for shit that meow let alone cry

its legal and you can buy women

>>What are hookers

What do you even say to a girl this pretty?

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you already can

only virgin women, used goods should be free

doesn’t matter she’s retarded

true but I don't want to get beheaded for being a christian.
The easiest way to get a woman is to buy her in east europe.

Are you trans? I like you masculine features

Nothing, just give her money

Lets be realistic though. How much for a woman who is 20, virgin and above 110 IQ. Keep it simple, don't bring race into this.

Considering you'd be looking after it, feeding it, taking it for walks, playing with it, comforting it ect. I would pay around $3000-$4000 for a woman who met that criteria. Then again, a German shepherd is $1000-2000 in AUS, I could save $1000-$3000. German shepherds are far more fun to take on walks, they bring you dead animals (meaning they want to feed you), they're loyal and will protect you while you sleep.

Just like that i decided id rather have a German shepherd than a woman.

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''hey i've got a bbc, wanna see it?''

We already can, Prostitutes ~Girlfriends ~Wives~ Ex-wives who still collect

Think about this as if it actually happened.
The richest 1% would literally outbid us for all the women.

>Just like that i decided id rather have a German shepherd than a woman.
based and dogpilled

Anyone who wastes time on them is already paying in installments.

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>purchase women
That's pretty much how it works. You pay enough to buy them, and then they walk away and expect even more money.
The system is Rigged For Her Treasure.

what are:
1. diamond engagement ring
2. house
3. car(s)
4. groom's salary

catch up, newbie

What a great thread that was!

Should ? That’s already how you get a woman user.

How much would she cost?

This girl is not the least bit attractive to me.
She looks like she has no interests or thoughts, and could easily die of stupid decisions at any moment.
Not that I have high standards. If she looked like she knew something and wasn't so skinny and fake with makeup, she would start to look attractive.

Though, I could get a best Korea wife in her 20's for $1,066. I'm uncertain now, the doggo seems like a better deal even though it doesn't live as long.

Link for those interested. Women really aren't worth much.

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Based and dirtyfilthypakipilled

Stop posting this kike tranny


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>Don't bring race

Choose one faggot

>that flag
u wot m8?


get the dog and a nigger sex toy

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