You will forget what oranges taste like. The sensation of hot water landing on your skin will become foreign to you. Memories of coffee, tea, and other imported products dependent upon the globalist structure of free trade to arrive on your nearest shelf. Even interstate goods may not make it to you. Tell me, schizo's, what do you see coming?

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I'll eat people.

I just realized these are from Canada.

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Or I can just walk into my back yard and pick an orange, doublenigger.

I think when people start noticing more and more products not returning to their local stores, they'll realize just how many items we no longer produce.

Onions green is people

A giant, dry, stale, crusty, cotton-mouthing, taste-bud numbing, dick shrinking, pussy drying, memory-holing, good for nothing burger.

As required.

You likely won't survive the meth head swarms of Florida or California, though.

The virus might be a nothingburger. The economic collapse that's temporarily using it as a shield isn't.

The suicide nets at the iphone factory are awesome ! That slave market in Libya is cool too. Yay globalism !

Need a quick organ harvest, China can hook you up.

If you don't want to buy those products from China, by all means, don't, and encourage others not to do so. As for the slave trade in Libya, the solution there is even easier. Don't worry about it, you're probably not in the market for a slave anyway.

They had hot water even in the early pioneer days, my grandfather was raised in the mountains and was so poor they didn't have electricity or running water but they still had hot baths.
I know oranges have their origin as an imported fruit but I think most still come from Florida, we will still have oranges and citrus. Cold hardy citrus exist so I know for a fact we will still have some type of citrus.
Tea is another plant that has cold hardy varieties and there is no real good reason to import it except it's cheaper than growing and processing it locally supposedly. If globalism collapsed we could just start growing hardy varieties here and processing it.

The only thing I will miss is plentiful cheap technology but I would gladly part with it if it helps end communism and brings manufacturing home.

Globalism enables these activities, whether or not i participate in them myself.

times are truly going to get hard again, no matter what you think of Corona we're going straight into a storm of shit. Take advantage of the knowledge you have and prepare for this, start working out, fix any affairs you have in life. Its either you bitch and moan about how life sucks now or you just push on and crush it.

You're assuming a functional, stable country in which agriculture goes on as normal. You think that's how it's going to shake out?

Juche = self reliance

>no matter what you think of Corona we're going straight into a storm of shit.
This is what I see too. Our population, primarily on the basis of huge industrial farms run mostly by machines and computers has enabled two things, at least. Huge and unsustainable food yields consisting of monocrops, and a population where the average person has no clue how food even grows, is processed, or gets to a store. Millions upon millions of useless unemployed eaters who are going to be starving, and heading anywhere they think food is.

oranges abundant in FL and CA, tea has been grown on east coast since tea party times, coffee is grown and imported from all over the world. US has it better than anyone else what are you afraid of?

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I agree. If people had any sense, they'd be digging any patch of grass they could up and planting something. The culture of self reliance, alive and well in plenty of places in the U.S., is nearly or completely absent in the urban environment.

Hordes of brown people heading to burn whatever they can. If 3% of a given population revolting is enough for a revolution, 13% is enough for anarchy.

Check out Light of Day Tea farm, only Organic Tea Farm in Northern Michigan. Award winning stuff super expensive.

You have to take into consideration that US production of food exports are around 50-60%. We can feed ourself. Places like China and Russia can't, they're heavily reliant on exports. Keep an eye on them for some fun. It's still not a bad idea to plant stuff and be self reliant as much as possible don't get me wrong! Rake leaves, compost, grow soil, permaculture, and all that good stuff.

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1/2 of 62% will give 13% a bad time

life is suffering.

Floridanon here. Most oranges grown in Florida get processed into juice, most oranges you simply eat come from California. I mean there's no carved-in-stone rule that says that has to be the case, but California oranges are preferred largely due to aesthetic reasons. If food suppliers don't feel that it's gonna be profitable to get the oranges onto your grocery store shelves, they're not going to invest in harvesting them and getting them there. They'll leave the oranges to rot in the grove before they sell the crop at a loss.

I mean if you have your own orange trees or access to someone else's you're fine, but don't count on Florida oranges keeping the East coast in stock.

I hope you're right, because what you're talking about, the goods moving systems in general, trains and trucks, relies on a perfectly functioning and JIT delivery system the way it's set up.
1/2 of 62% better set up a range in the basement for .22 practice if they can, since the ranges are closed.

>If food suppliers don't feel that it's gonna be profitable to get the oranges onto your grocery store shelves,
This is happening now with all sorts of produce, at least in my area. Onions, potatoes, celery, carrots, you get the idea. When my local grocery store sold out of produce, they didn't replace it all, and have replaced less and less every time I go back. People aren't buying it, despite eating at home. Most are still buying processed, frozen and canned food. Grocery store was throwing produce away.

You know, I really think we should have been doing that in the first place. If there's space for an ornamental plant, why not plant a productive plant instead? When they build a new optometrist's office, why plant palm trees when you can put an orange tree there instead? Why plant shubs of English Holly when we could put a strawberry bush there? Frankly it seems like self-imposed difficulty.

I guess there are legal issues, if everywhere public had produce-growing flora on it anyone could claim to have gotten sick eating it and sue the property's owner.

>1/2 of 62% better set up a range in the basement for .22 practice if they can,
user, did you get that idea from William Luther Pierce's novel Hunter?

>I guess there are legal issues
Here's hoping that if nothing else, that goes away or is reduced. Ridiculous lawsuits are ridiculous.

Aye, they are destroying a lot of crops to keep the prices from dropping too low. Would have been awesome if the government did something like, I don't, bought it from the farmers and saw to it that it was distributed to food banks that need it. Oh well, at least we gave $4 trillion dollars directly to Wall Street.

>bought it from the farmers and saw to it that it was distributed to food banks that need it.
NOW WHY WOULD THE GOVERNMENT EVER DO SOMETHING SENSIBLE LIKE THAT? The fucking cruise lines are obviously more important.