Tell pol about yourself in 13 words or less!

Obese misogynistic troll who is a closeted coomer with a jewfro complex cunts

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At most, they can kill you only once
At most, you only have to kill them once

I have sex, I wagie my cagie, I want all Jews to die.

Don't blame me, I voted for Hillary.

Descendant of slaveholders and Indian killers.

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That pic related looks so good.

It sure does user it sure does!

Useless, lazy failure NEET. Loves cock, hates Kikes, Muslims and Niggers.

Judea vs humans

lazy, angry, trad gf, no friends, hater of hippes/globalhomo, original american.

Deeply disturbed sociopathic womanizer with an inability to understand the emotions of others

Never outdone in the way of the samurai. Perverted shitposting genius , slut loving fire starting racist. That can't count.

Girly boy that hates niggers and loves morphine

Good genetics wasted on apathy with the world and its current state. FuckTheJews.

Your rightful king, the future emperor ruling from San Diego. Come join me.

Too autistic for normies but too normal for autists. I have few friends.

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kek. hello fren.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white.

I’ll do it in three: Need. Jewish. Girlfriend.

Proud Jewish landlord with a beautiful Jewish wife and four kids.

nurturing spirit, radiant soul, full of love for all beings, Bernie or Bust!

>Bernie or Bust!
I'd light both of these traitors on fire.

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Childless forty-something megalomaniac drunk, living in Mom's basement; aspiring film producer.

all i care about is food and bitches that make me my food

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Carnivore faster powerlifter individual who plays a shitton of videogames and is lean af

Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority derives.

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I am a carnivore.

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Neet, steroid user, pickup artist, ex-smoker, compulsive liar, misogynistic, racist, pervert, viagra user.

I love a simple, honest life and sci-fi anime. Hate me some pedos.

Proud white man who kills spics niggers and jannies for fun everyday

hagakure is gold

Unemployed, broken down car, $40,000 in debt, hardcore porn addict

Antissemitic xenophobic fascist.

Half-black, half-philipino, ironic white nationalist who wants a latina at gf.
>inb4 data mining
Couldn't give a fuck, what can they do against a fucking college student who's enrolled in all of their bullshit feminist classes.

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