Can someone redpill me on meth? Why does it have such a huge negative stigma attached to it while Adderall...

Can someone redpill me on meth? Why does it have such a huge negative stigma attached to it while Adderall, which is practically the same thing, has less of a stigma than weed.
Also, how pivotal was it to Nazi Germany's successes?

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It's not basically the same thing.
Amphetamines are not the same as meth amphetamines. The methyl group might seem trivial so someone with no scientific education but it is a big deal
Also there is a big difference between store bought which comes from a lab with strict guidelines and codes
compared to meth cooked in a trailer by someone with no teeth

>meth nazi slander
>gaslighting Yas Forums into trying drugs
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you should be arrested.

A stigma is designed to ridicule a person into submission.

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meth is based

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you forgot the doctor prescribIng a recommended dosage rather than hitting the bowl until it runs out of legs

that image makes me feel old

No not really. The methyl group vs sulfates changes the metabolism rate. You can control the dosage such that either the amphetamine concentration is the same or the peak concentration is the same. As far as MoA on VMAT it's identical.

>practically the same thing

Not really. It's like taking a tiny amount of cocaine orally vs. smoking a huge bowl of crack

As a former addict to each at different times, I tell you- these drugs are worlds apart. Dont fuck with meth. Whoo

It will destroy your life.


And this is another thing I don't get, why do so many proclaimed Nazi's hate on Meth? It's very well documented how much was used in Germany at the time.

You know fun fact, the original formula for the compounded drug that would become Adderall included methamphetamine.

It's just a media thing.

Adderal SHOULD be viewed in the same light.
Meth is trash and so is adderal, in a way adderal is more dangerous since someone abusing it will be much more likely to try meth later in life
One hit of that shit will forever fuck your brain chemistry. It doesn't matter how big and bad you are, one hit and you're an addict because of the instant massive dopamine rush.
Speed peddlers should be hanged, they are every bit as bad as heroin slingers or maybe even worse

I disagree. I don't consider your claim to be mutually exclusive with mine. Furthermore methyl groups are known to make drugs more potent. They also will have changes in affinity.

Either that or I didn't understand what you said.

There is massive difference between meth taken orally in a pill or capaule and meth injested via smoking/snorting/IV.
The Germans took it orally in tiny but consiatent 3mg doses under brand name Pervitin. Modern pharma grade meth is prescribed in Desoxyn tablets.
Tweakers take it every fer hours in massive ~100mg doses and it literally fries their brains.
Meth is powerful but 99% of its users do it wrong. It should only be taken orally, otherwise you get hooked on the rush and euphoria and also become a tweaker.

looks like Hell's Angel's glass

>It's very well documented how much was used in Germany at the time.
Yes, so much used that it became a public health issue and Himmler himself had to ban meth for civilian use.

I don't know why you say that Nazis "hate" meth. All Nazis are dead and cannot express their opinion

fuck off back to red dit and /thread yourself there

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had some for the first time the other week. its not very good. lets you drink alot and not be drunk tho. had 2 points

>one hit and you're an addict
after school special?

You are a retard, go to the doctor and get checked

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You're probably just some methhead who wants me to justify his addiction. Fuck you methhead can't fool me.

If you can engage in logical discourse go ahead. But if not then you have already lost. Insults do not work in an anonymous board unless you want to out yourself as an ignorant in the subject at hand.

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meth is procured from chink manufactured base industrial ingredients which spics and nogs then cook into meth, a lot of the meth doesn't come cooked from mexico the industrial chink made raw chemicals are brought to america from mexico where spics cook em or get nogs in debted to them because that's easy when they all want to drive luxury cars where they cook it into meth

well while consuming a fun dose or as many that it constitutes a fun dose is the difference between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 days awake or five to nine
>if large enough dose and right phenotype/pH it has a half life elimination of 30 hours
while for amphetamine the maximum is around 11
for methylphenidat it's around a maximum of 7.7 in grownups and 5 in chldren, with an average of 3.5 and 2.5
they also have different affinity to the receptors as well as a different strength in their mechanic of action, the kind of cascades they kick loose

Adderall is "clean" unlike street meth and is usually taken orally instead of smoked or injected. Due to lower doses/being more expensive, Adderall addiction is also less severe than meth addiction as well

No retard
30 years of life experience
I've seen so many lives get wasted away because of meth. Men who thought they didn't have "addictive personalities". I even did it myself though I realized how fucking dangerous it was and cut the people associated with it out of my life.

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methamphetamine is neurotoxic, amphetamine (adderall) is not.

the meth cooked in mexico goes to the big cities and then small time dealers cook the chemicals into meth in the smaller towns or cities where it's more of a risk to bring in the cooked shit

It’s really fun to sniff, smoking it, not so much...


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Fucking retard. Adderrall is 4 amphetamine salts mixed together. It is addictive as hell and does the same shit in the body. Just because some doctor hawks a drug doesn't mean it's ok. It's the same as the retards who think fentanyl or oxycodone are better than heroin and less addictive because big daddy pharma makes them. I guess you are less likely to get AIDS by sharing needles, but that is the only benefit.

one of the bigger issues is that those fun doses and rushes by far do not last as long as the wakeful effect, so people go down rabbit holes of more and more

you're the retard. amphetamine has a primary amine group. methamphetamine has a secondary amine. that results in huge differences in biochemistry.

it IS the same thing, just different dosages you little retard

sharing needles is retarded, costs 3 bucks here for a sharps kit, 5 1ml needles, 10 alcohol swabs, a sharps container, and 2 filters.

go into a pharmacy and ask at the counter for a sharps kit, no judgement that ive seen. i dont use it for drugs tho.

>4 amphetamine salts
I think you need to hit the books a bit longer before you weigh in the conversation man.

Its dose and route dependent. Low dose oral consumption is less addictive than smoking a high dose. The body will adjust to being on drugs and will be dependent upon it. Virtually all prescription psychoactive pills are addictive to some degree.

Plus a secondary amine group, residual chemicals that destroy your body rapidly, and generally a different way of taking it. Smoking or injecting is very different than just taking a pill

Ah yes in clinical trials they talk about different ways of taking it. Tard.

Amine /= destroy, kid

How much common is to sniffing cocaine there hans? I watched some vid of oktoberfest guys sniffing more than drinking, and them looks high class/middle uper. Heroine is a problem also?

Methamphetamine properly refers to a specific chemical, the racemic free base, which is an equal mixture of levomethamphetamine and dextromethamphetamine in their pure amine forms

Dopamine is the key here. That's the feel good reward chemical. Wouldn't mind trying a good dopamine activating drug but meth is way too hard on the body to even dabble with.

Works in an enema also.

>t. adderaddict

You’re a retard meth has a different roa because at the minimum you’re gonna snort it if not smoke or inject that has huge consequences and amphetamine pills have long been used as a step down

That said adderal pills are pretty fucking stupid too we shouldn’t have them around

I see you've called everyone retarded that disagrees with you. Very thought provoking arguments you have for us

Ah yes, retard. Go away since you got owned

Literal boomer tier cope. Go read a book and see how wrong you are

Not a boomer, tard kid

it's extremely popular in some cities and also politicians, generally drug of the rich and debased
water tests in big cities are in line with other massive cities that have coke problems
and our parliament is 'full' of coke residue as well
You can easily buy it in any medium sized city on the streets and any gambling parlor tends to be a hot spot.