Are the democrats intentionally tanking the 2020 presidential race...

Are the democrats intentionally tanking the 2020 presidential race? People are saying they’re stupid and don’t know how to win, but this all just seems way to calculated to just be incompetence.

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Wow it's almost like they were always this bad but you could never criticize whaman or nig.

I’m just saying it doesn’t appear like they have either the desire or intention of winning. It raises the question, what ARE they trying to do? It makes me think of that play The Producers where two broadway producers figure out you can actually make more money producing a play that flops than one that’s successful.

If you know you're going to lose, you can't really say that out loud to your constituents. So you put your B team in, the real second stringers, you minimize campaign spending and try to distance the presidential loss from any risky downballot races you have coming. Maybe send them some cash for their races.

Its electoral triage.

They know something bad is coming 2020. Neither wants to be sitting president when it happens, it's a race to see who can be more unlikable.

Man's got it right, that or Sleepy Joe is gonna pull some shwifty shit and put hillary in as vp last minute or bow out of the race altogether. Interesting times ahead, lotta threads to tie together

I'd like the Democratic party to go into chapter 9.

>If you know you're going to lose
But the problem is they didn’t have to guarantee a loss by forcing Biden as the nominee. They did everything they could to insist the worst possible candidate was the last man standing, and they completely didn’t have to.

>tfw both sides are literally trying to lose
I don't even know what to say about this turn of events.

Bernie will never be the DNC candidate and the rest of the field was progressive wackos like AOC. The Dems had no choice but Biden

The DNC and Hillary were so sure they bagged the election months before election night. Even though they cheated their way there and fucked over everyone involved, they still lost. They are playing the same card this time, using MSM to try to control the narrative, and they will use this "virus" as ammo against Trump. They will prop Biden as the "Fixer Upper" while he falls asleep because some staffer forgot the correct dosage of amphetamines to dose his apple sauce with He will be a proxy President much like Bush Jr. IF elected into office. But there are many more people who enjoy watching the elites lose their minds and their grasp over the Whites House because they couldn't get their figure head put in place, with Biden being a grasping at straws chance to accelerate their plans.

Stay True to Trump
Stay True to Freedom

Fuck Hillary and Biden and all the Jews behind 'em.

>the rest of the field was progressive wackos like AOC.
Are you high? Amy Klobuchar is basically a republican, same with Pete Buttigieg, and AOC is too young to run. It’s okay if you didn’t pay attention, but you embarrass your side when you say dumb ass shit like that

Thats because the government is afraid of Bernie

Trump's a jew too though.

Twitter liberals would rather acceleration than a Biden victory. They’re banking on AOC 2024.

Average voter just want a president who doesn’t tell them to drink bleach in a crisis.

Never attribute to malice that which can attributed to incompetence. This statement is not necessarily true, but when it comes to any political party stepping on their own dicks it is so often the case.


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where's your meme-flag, Jew?

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>Amy and pete, basically Republicans.

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The Jews are so crazed they're starting to turn on themselves.

If they don't have a guaranteed loss then its a low risk with a possible reward.

When will you gullible retards learn (((voting))) is all a scam. Trump was chosen by the kikes and they know the only way to get and keep him in the White House is to run historically weak opponents against him, hence Hillary and Biden.

It IS calculated. This is all about getting Hillary another run at the strap. She'll come in and "save the ticket" when everyone turns on Biden.

Bidet really let himself go although there wasn't much to let go, hes an old boomer fuck like drumpf but he is so low energy that even jeb! Rallies look like rock concerts, sad! And the cuckout of Berstein? Priceless. Trannies and faggots should evolve asexual reproduction because they will all kill themselves by 2021.

Leturds are by their very nature Minusmen, resp. Minuswomen - They can only destroy but not create. Their nature is negativity.

Is this a shop? How the fuck was Shaun funny for once?

More like 2024 computer uploaded bernstein and brain dead bidet (all lives matter n sheit) maybe even sex changed hillary or an immigrant chink set the bar high unlike currentyear. Can't beat the orange tard without a gimmick.

Ever notice how everyone turns into an alleged racist right when they're about to get elected? It's crazy.

Niggle me this.


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They are trying to win but they have been dealt the shittiest hand possible and they have zero self awareness.

Shaun is a retard that is all.

>Maybe send them some cash for their races.
the state bailouts

I'm voting democratic just to see how badly biden can fuck up the country, it would be fun to watch.