What phenotypes are these?

What phenotypes are these?

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white girls with dyed hair and a tan?

ugly cunts

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look eastern european to me. maybe german. R1A

DJ Tanner

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Estelle desanges


fuck marry kill

They all look like Israeli Jews. I grew up there, lots of wemens there look like this. My sister would look like this if she wasn't fat had a tan and blonde hair.

Also the one on the left is probably a trap


They look like those slightly jew-ified slavs from Ukraine area that larp as full jews in Israel.

Dutch, Israeli, Russian.

Marry - Kill - Fuck

german, northern italian

I need a white blonde blue eye gf bros

100% jew

marry one fuck one kill one GO

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1980s shopping mall girls

I don't care about the first two. I literally wouldn't fuck them. Third is cute.

Mutts. Fuckin mutts. The manly one is a German man

I want to have children with the girl far left.

Everyone you think is an Israeli Jew is an imported Russian.

She got a dick

Curly hair is gross, it's so close to nigger hair.

Skin cancer ones.
Sauce on the left?

ones that i don't like
pic related is better


from left to right
>carly simon
>that fake blonde who started dying her hair in 8th grade and has an ambiguous germanic surname
>valley girl

Fuck fuck fuck.


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You guys dont know shit. They look like the typical norwegian girls you see on the street, just a bit more tan/makeup. Most of them even have the same hair color. After seeing this pic, literally felt like high school again

and yet youre a incel