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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>Pres Trump on Protecting America's Boomers 4/30/20
>Pres Trump meets w/NJ Gov Murphy 4/30/20
>VP Pence comments to reporters 4/30/20
>VP Pence visits GM &Ventec Life Sys Plant in Kokomo IN 4/30/20
>2ndLady Karen on F&F 4/30/20
>AgSec GrandpaSonny on FoxNews 4/30/20
>LabSec Scalia on CNBC 4/30/20
>ActDHSSec Wolf @Auburn University's McCrary Inst 4/30/20
>NECDir Kudlow on FoxNews 4/30/20
>WHSrAdviser Hassett outside WH 4/30/20
>WHSrAdviser Hassett on FoxNews 4/30/20
>PrinDepPressSec Gidley on JohnFredericksShow 4/30/20
>Bannon on CNBC 4/30/20
>Pentagon Press Brief (ArmySec McCarthy/Army Ldrs) 4/30/20
>Pentagon Press Brief (UndDefSec4A&S Lord) 4/30/20
>StateDeptVideo: 5G Networks &CCP 4/30/20
>WHVideo: AgSec GrandpaSonny: Pres Trump Loves Farmers 4/30/20

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>Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he will serve as a “transition candidate” in the 2020 race, arguing his primary role is to funnel new voices and ideas into government – rather than govern himself.
>funnel new voices and ideas into government
>rather than govern himself
He's literally running on a puppet platform.

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fuck secesionists

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Let's secede by county instead.

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Did the Michigan thing explode yet? I'm in the mood for a late-night happening

Why bother with covid when you can send him a gif so he can pretend to have epileptic attacks and go around suing people to make a living.

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>Dun dun duuuuuuuunnn.

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>tfw Hillary's at 25%+ when Biden's explanation bombs

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Awoo, /ptg/ frens! What happened today while I was being essential?

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Not one dram of clay will be ceded to communist hordes and kike usurpers.

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>the thing that made wrestling great was that the talent wasn't the "Creative department" but instead a bunch of meatheads with huge egos and larger than life personalities, basically just taking their own personalities and magnifying them, while being great at improv while on the mic.
>scripted promos are one of the many things that have killed WWE
>commercials during matches is heresy

>no political will in washington DC to save wrestling

I feel so unrepresented in government.

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Hillary will replace him and we are getting a rematch
Queen Nigger doesn't want to get political and Cummo is suicide

Armed people telling others to obey the WHO?
But they told me there would never be a foreign army in the United States pushing globalism, that escalated quickly.

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kikes are being uniquely terrorized by a bunch of modern day minute men showing up at a moment's notice and having such a clear moral high ground that no one can argue against it

>commercials during matches is heresy
how dare you make such an antisemitic post

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they're phonies. they're not risking anything and everyone knows it

Will Hillary say something about her not being in jail?

I'm hoping trump wipes the floor with Biden, but there's no gurantee. Either way a lot of people are going to be pissed off. Break out the popcorn, ameribros

Go on; secede again, Jew-led Dems. Follow this tentacle-lovers idea.

Paving the way for you know who to enter the stage at the (now delayed) Democratic National Convention. They'll push it back as far as they can to slip her in as the chosen one to save the country from blimpf.

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>stop it, you're not allowed to gather in a crowd
>so we're gathering out own crowd to prove you wrong
>even though it actually proves your argument 100% correct

Probably not.

i smell fed bullshit from both sides

This thread is for real Americans.

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July, at the convention

Is Trump going to allow pedo Joe and that hideous nigger win in November?

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I was the one that made that post.

>have we started the fire?

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Joe has to beat Hillary first.

Hillary. For the last time, Biden is a placeholder for Hillary.

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>commercials during matches is heresy
I honestly don't know how people watch that picture in picture shit.

i'm sure those commies aren't absolute glowniggers too

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>Probably not.
Would be amazing though, to see hilldog rub it in Trumps face only to be arrested after his reelection

find a local circuit. i've got family in one, he travels from tip to taint along the east coast and up into canada sometimes to do some wrestling. there's this weird group of commies who wear "powerbomb the patriarchy" t shirts and the odd tranny as you might find at any other gathering of degenerates, but it's good fun

>sucking wind
Words can’t describe how badly he needs a shovel

>maybe blue states should secede
Oh PLEASE GOD let them try.
BTW isn't this the guy with a tentacle porn fetish or something?

pic related needs an antifa mask and a rifle

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Trump is a moron.

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Bolshevik Horde candidate.

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one day there will be no more judaism in this world

then hong kong will be america's greatest ally

this is what I believe

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I have her odds SIGNIFICANTLY higher than 4.7% atm.

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The man had a seizure due to weak genes. Cut him a break.

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Tara here is smart. She won't go on Fox news first when coming out to talk because it's too easy. She wants a Lefty news company to have to bite the bullet and interview her.

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You smell nothing, mexico, because your country is garbage and beaners are fucking useless fags. We own you. Shut the fuck up, thanks
>WHO Official: We may have to start removing people from their homes: April 7th
Just posting for anyone who missed this shill for China.


keep 'em coming

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Only if Biden/Hillary wins...