No lock her up

>No lock her up
>no wall
>no America first
>no drain the swamp
Wow that was disappointing

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>inb4 300 replies from retards

Zero scandals.

OP here, forgot to mention I'm a kike.

Because being Israel's bitch isn't a scandal

White people come from albinism and lie about it out of shame. color eyes albinism color har albinism is leucism

Whites hate their own ancestors. Let that sink in.

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You know, Trump was probably the most successful thing to come out of Yas Forums
All you need is an idea and the world is yours.
Im disappointed in Trump, however I am more disappointed in the "NPC's" or originally known as sheep. It brought a lot of people here. I didnt start coming here until just before Epstein didnt kill himself. Bunch anons were digging and found some connections with radio towers. The next day after I felt I had just found something to look into, he was announced dead with a whole load of bull shit excuses, which I make a lot of bull shit excuses but come on alphabet boys...
>tl;dr not sure where trump lands in all of this but the biggest red flag is money to israel but i understand the need to keep peace

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Can't be a scandal if everyone does it

>Flynn about to be exonerated
>Everyone involved with that about to go out with the swamp.

implying this coalition of mk ultraed autists, weebs, and incels got him elected, and that he wasnt preselected by the shadow elite on this mason people farm.

Last scene.

Cmon larping faggots. You couldnt get a date for valentines day. You think you changed the fate of the world with your collective sexually frustrated circle jerk? Dunning krugers delusion.

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Trump can’t get his cake for dessert unless Kushner approves

go. to. /ptg/.

He's got the tammany hall thing going on in regards to scandals.
He has a least one a week, and multiple gaffes. But nobody can keep track of them because they are so bombarded. It all becomes background noise.
Remember when he stole from a presidental charity?
Damn right you do.
Now try to remember which of the twenty or so times he did it I'm referring to.
and that's how the tammany hall effect works.

>implying i care about sex like my very own life depends on it
I had fun larping as the nobody but hey these are interesting times. You never know. You can in so many ways so whats the point? I care about the people who currently exist and wish to fight righteously and just.
But yeah, i am a faggot, whats it to you?
You like to watch other dudes bang chicks you would fuck? What a cuck bro.
I just want a robobitch who will let me rest my head on her synthetic soft steele thighs and pat my head after ive just gotten finished hanging degenerates on a cross
in minecraft
fucking SEETH more its amusing. im just here man

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>it's this thread again

Besides, if i am MKultrad it will not change a thing as i will die knowing that even if im wrong in what i believe is right, god will be my judge. Im doing everything i can, and i dont plan on disappointing unless death comes knocking.
>honk honk nigger

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nice gets leaf

>Jerusalem embassy
>annexation of the West Bank
>Recognizing the Golan Heights as Part of the State of Israel
Ziondon gave us everything we wanted :)

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cope and cry more lonely dogshit yawn. I have a sexy nord gf and I fuck her brains out while you circle jerk from your computer at your moms house. Sad ass loser larping as a race warrior. BEta faggot pussy without a shred of courage.

Yeah you are mk ultraed faggot. None of your board culture belongs to you. Heres the proof. Emily was absorbed like Alex jones, she didnt make this. Socially engineered beta chimp.

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if youre really a jew give me some history

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>Hillary lost
>Biden will lose
>the House will definitely flip
>Comey's going to jail
>The courts are filling up with Trump appointees
>Went to Grandmothers house and she was watching fucking Tucker

>Because being Israel's bitch isn't a scandal

Trump never wanted to bother with those things. What Trump wanted to get done has gotten done

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Yeah God will be your judge, and judge you he will for forsaking your own humanity. For celebrating child killers like brevik and tarrant. You dont have a righteous bone in your body.

I’m Jewish and Libertarian. I think Trump is a complete moron and his followers are even more stupid for excusing and justifying everything he does, it’s pathetic and indicative of a personality cult.

That said, he has done a lot for Israel and I really respect his administration for this. I don’t think he is aware of half of what goes on, but that really doesn’t matter. It’s the means to an end, really. He’s helped secure Israel’s future and that is the most important thing to us. I see him and his supporters as useful idiots, no more and no less.

Pretty sure the creating
9 Million jobs was America first, as was Hundreds of billions in tariffs on china, Trade deals with Mexico, canada, japan South korea, china
The all is at 200 Miles. Built and Rebuilt towering wall not 3 foot tall Barbed wire. For a guy with the WHOLE of government after him. Including Fed judges , Every democrat, some in his own Party , the DOW minutes from hitting 30,000 , and Tax money back in your pocket I'd say he was doing great

>implying my moms alive
>implying i dont pay rent and pick up the slack
why are you so fixated on sexual pleasure concerning another man so much? whoever gave you advice hasnt been well informed or has lied to you bud.
i dont partake in social media so much, only here on the chans (Yas Forums specifically as the other ones are basically barren) because i can shitpost as i please.
2020 is a great year not gonna lie. dont you agree glownigger?

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Forgot to mention Mexico is guarding the US border, and almost 200 Conservative fed judges enjoy

That's good, for a start...

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Why do you wish to murder women and children out of your ever growing sexual frustration. Why did you forsake your own humanity for a morsel of hubris. Get fucked demon. Back 2 the pit.

Then what would you suggest? You think these fuckers are anything id want to exist in my world? Forgiveness is not my job, that is gods. If a human shows forgiveness you need not take it lightly.
>will be watching jewtube video

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checks out

Youtube> Project Zyphr.. Read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

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I do not. If anything can be done through peace thats what id want, but I will not through my rights away, and I dont know what happens after death. Maybe I am a demon, but gods creation none the less.

I dont want or expect anything of you. Go hail your child murders with your incel comrades worthless sexually frustrated beta chimp. May god have mercy on your forsaken soul you have long handed over to the devil.

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We dont need all that fucking sand. But petra is amazing. It belongs to Israel.

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You chose evil. But its never too late for redemption.

>any day now

You also forgot his undying support of Israel. You've been played, leaf. Trump sold out to the Zionists. He is totally on board w/ the globalist agenda... Remember, (((they))) always tell us some of the truth, but sprinkle in enough lies to throw us off track.

Israel couldnt even keep its dickskin cuck chimp.

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This. People are understanding how insane his turnout will be.

>Be a business man
>know how to fix economy
>Get elected
>everytime you try to initiate some idea you get cockblocked by legislation
>start internal restructuring to clear path to objectives
Punished Trump.jpg
>Punished America.tiff (1.6gb)

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If he was onboard with the globalist agenda why is immigration going down?

Yup. That's how the Satanists roll. They're required to tell us what their intentions are.. And we just gobble it up. No questions asked.

who have i hailed other than god?
do you want me to describe what i would do to someone who fuck children? It is absolute degeneracy but there is so much fog i cant figure out just what exactly to do. i know my targets, do you?

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Because they've moved onto the next stage. Research project Zyphr. Shit's about to hit the fan my man. Keep your powder dry.

its called the minerva rule orr owl rule. They have to let us now what theyre planning and they think this will absolve them of the siin.

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LMAO so you don't provide any source or anything, just link to Google searches that you've made. Nice

based nerd

I chose evil huh? Then tell me something I dont know.
I know about those ancient structures and it pisses me off we have so much history hidden by lies.

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Didn't know about that. I was doing research on satanic cults and a common theme was being upfront about your desires/intentions. Thanks for the info.

yeah that has nothing to do with the facts that your peers are soulless dogshit worshipping brevik and tarrant screeching deus vult race war now gas the kikes kill niggers, and you do nothing to stop them. More so, your silence is approval. So dont play coy, you know why Im here.