Corona was a false flag to get us to bend over and take it

Numbers didnt stack up that high at all. Somehow shitholes like africa and india and nothinf happening meanwhile everyone is too scards to evem go outside anymore. Jews won and printed themselves a bunch of money while they were at it.

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The government made it up to take our rights.

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I would drink from that like a water fountain.

Well, certainly nobody is making women "bend over and take it" in their living room like that. Imagine some pert, lithe, young teen just... Ew that is a middle-aged hag wearing fishnets and panties. I thought that was a nude tween with puffy hair tufts. No, no, no, no...

That's not how you sit on a couch. Idiot.

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>Corona was a false flag to get us to bend over and take it
Welcome to the conversation.

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Some pissed off workers at Amazon just suggested this tactic to us.

So, because package theft is so common these days, Amazon has a no-questions-asked policy that it will refund/replace any item (fulfilled by their warehouses) that doesn't make it inside your door.

To find something that qualifies, first think of a single expensive item (but under $1000) that you or your friends need right now. Search for that and under Filters click the box for "Free Shipping with Amazon."

Once you find something you want, confirm that it says "Fulfilled by Amazon" underneath the listing. If it does, go ahead and purchase it. If you dont have enough cash, use a credit card; it will get refunded before the bill is due

Once the package arrives, dont answer the door or interact with the postal worker. Bring the package inside when no one is around.

But it is how you become a connoisseur of your own braps. This is the next level of sniff posting.

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The next day, call Amazon customer service & say your item was supposed to arrive yesterday but you never saw it. Keep it simple, play dumb. Once they confirm your identity, they will ask you if you'd like a refund or to be sent another item. Choose refund.

Enjoy your new toy and tell some close friends how to do it too

That said, don't get greedy and try to do it twice at the same address or else they may flag your account.

Imagine if she farted, haha.

>Somehow shitholes like africa and india and nothinf happening
Not true. The economy is shut down and everyone's on lockdown.
>Corona was a false flag to get us to bend over and take it
How were we not bending over and taking it before Corona? What's the big difference ?
Care to answer the above question?

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>Care to answer the above question?
Not really, but I'll do it.

>How were we not bending over and taking it before Corona? What's the big difference ?
Veiled tyranny vs outright tyrannical over-reach.

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The wealth transfer hasn't really happened yet.

All you need to know:

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Hospital nursing staff doesn't have access to death certs lamo

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"G’mar chatimah tovah to our Jewish neighbors! May you have an easy fast and be inscribed in the Book of Life for a sweet year."= - Janet Mills. Every. Single. Time.

Call her at (207) 491-8555

>Veiled tyranny
But it wasn't veiled. In America you've been flooded with over 100 million shitskins in just a few decades, you're denied jobs for being white, you get fired/hounded by the media for expressing a politically incorrect opinion, WACO, Ruby Ridge, the destruction of your history with the confederate flag thing. You were already a second class citizen before one gook even coofed. It's not "outright tyrannical reach" when they've already been doing all the things they just did. You're in the exact same position.

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>The wealth transfer hasn't really happened yet.


>But it wasn't veiled.
To whom?

Yep, what are you going to do about it?

Your neighbor catches you on Ring camera, you go to jail and get raped.

So is coffee good for you?


>To whom?
That's asinine. If it was veiled, what was the Virginia rally about? What was Charlottesville about? If it's veiled, why were there rallies and protests against the government?

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Are you a boomer or gen x'er?

Now we get to boog because they thought they could take away our 1st amendment with a false flag like they did our 4th amendment with 9/11. and 2nd amendment with fake mass shootings.

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>f it's veiled, why were there rallies and protests against the government?
You can't be fucking serious.

Do you even read what you type or do you just push your agenda?

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thats how I met your mother

>Are you a boomer or gen x'er?

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What rights?

That doesn't answer my question. You haven't given a single answer to back up the points you're making.
>push your agenda
What's my agenda? What am I pushing? Be specific, because I thought I was just trying to make sense out of people who ignore the incoherence of the narrative that your government were pretending it wasn't real in January, then only reacted months later when China had shat the bed. If it was all a coordinated hoax, why didn't they push on their current narrative from the beginning?

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You don't have any coherent points to make do you? What are your thoughts on Q?

>That doesn't answer my question. You haven't given a single answer to back up the points you're making.
To whom?

It couldn't be more clear that you are just a goalpost moving faggot shill who would never be satified.

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>You don't have any coherent points to make do you? What are your thoughts on Q?
Pleb tier bait.