This. So. Much

This. So. Much.

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We don’t want to destroy our ecosystems like India.

stay in your urban shitholes, pajeet

Just see the map. There is plenty of room for new immigrants

Hippity hoppity the green land is private property and not for the pajeets, spics, or nig noggitys

>We don’t want to destroy our ecosystems
Like every country these fucks are coming from.

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How many smart people are back in your sh*t hole?

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>what is farmland
>what are giant fucking mountains to the west

Fuck off, we're full.

I'll bet anything this same person thinks we need to reduce our carbon footprint.

I can’t tell if this is ironic considering the flag. You do know we don’t mean physically full right?

lol, they have huge amounts of land that are protected from settlement. Agenda 2030 is about setting up massive "green belts" where nnobody can live so that the country can be sustainable. The available land is actually shrinking every year.

Curry niggers think living around whites and their nice shit is a human right

between huge agricultural operations and land protected by the government there isn't THAT much space to live.

that's farmland, retard.

Get off this board you rat-eating, street-shitting, poverty-stricken Dalit.

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Fuck you mexico. You have no room to talk, we should just annex you considering your country is run by cartel and a shithole.

Sure as hell don't want you here pajeet. Your mongrel people make my job way harder than it has to be. I'd rather deal with the beaners if I had to pick.

>the world is overpopulated, muh climate change!
>we must support immigration to overflow our “empty” western countries, otherwise the populations will decline!!

That's all dense mountain and farmland. We are at capacity, and.besides, it's economic factors that decide whether there is actually room. When every single natural-born citizen prospers, we can maybe let in some shitskins. Currently we have far too many. Besides that, your culture is objectively inferior

You don't need to wait until ever square foot of clay has a person standing in it before deciding that more people isn't a good thing.

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pajeet your country is 10 feet per person lets settle down now

Like you can talk canada. The day of the rake is coming.

Being fat and eating burgers isn't culture mutt

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Dude, fuck off. Immigrant to china or some shit.

Dodges actually Criticism to deal a cheap blow. This is why everyone hates your shithole

Can you shut the fuck up already, mexico? Your country is run by cartels and we have to build walls to keep your dirty ass wetbacks out. Also, your country fucking failed, your culture is shit, your food is shit, and you depend on ameribros for survival. Kys.

Anyone who would suggest paving over all that green to replace it with McDonalds and traffic congestion and nigger hordes deserves to be hung in an old growth forest.

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>american education

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>haha I make red mean really big number so people think it's not so bad

Yeah go live in the bad lands of Utah/Colorado you fucking brainlet. Do you understand how harsh and unforgiving half of that land is?

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Israel has way more room. I don't think they have a single red city.

why does an Indian user always post this thread?

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It is an important topic to discuss. Immigration makes countries strong

Your culture is vibrant af tho

So Jeff Tucker doesn't mind destroying the remaining forests for the additional people? He's not going to moan about ecology when things get more polluted and trashed?

What the fuck do you mean then? Metaphysically full?

Why the fuck is filling up all available space anyone's objective? the correlation between quality of life and population density supports the opposite as being ideal. Stay in the sewer you created for yourself.

Been thinking of where I should move when I'm out of the service, ameribro. Montana, Delaware, and way north canada sounds pretty based. Thanks to the somalians and illhan omar Somali nigger Minnesota has been ruined.

and swimming in shit is?

Plenty of room for hard working white people

fuck off, we're full

>what is private property?
>what is farmland?
>what is national parks?
Next time you shit in a street, bite the curb.

every immigrant from 1965 onward has not moved to the country. the continue to crowd the top 10 citites.

Now do it for China and Russia.
It's almost as if some places aren't very habitable.

stay in your lane street shitter; we don't need no curry goblins stinking up our towns

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Hey that looks just like the map of where immigrants want to go lol that's funny

>There is plenty of room for new immigrants
Sure, the crops need fertilized.

1. Most of that land is vital farmland or uninhabitable desert/mountain
2.Our shitty system physically can’t handle any more freeloading niggers
It’s not just about free space there’s a shit load of factors to consider when taking on vast quantities of lazy people.

Cool, since we don't have a culture I guess you can fuck off back to Mumbai and stay there with the rest of your family.

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Ok lets pay for americans to have more babies then. Only certain IQ though with no major criminal history.

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>agenda 2030
More like agenda 1902. Teddy Roosevelt was pretty straightforward that the purpose of conservationism was to hold on to our natural resources as investments because their short term value is ephemeral while their long term value is eternally compounding.


I bet you look at Australia and wonder why there aren't 300 million people living in the centre of the continent too you jackass.

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Some “people” won’t be happy until we’re all crammed inches apart in trendy pod farm cargo container tiny “homes,” hooked up to our VR masturbation machines in between 14 hour shifts in the wage cage.

Actually most of it is owned by the US Federal Government.

Full in relation to resource distribution. More people will constrain those resources, there's less to go around which then degrades the quality of life for existing inhabitants.

I always assumed you were implying that fertility rates would increase drastically and that the US population would simply create a lot more natural born citizens -- not that you were shilling an invasion of shitskins. I'll have you know that when I see high skilled tech workers from outside of my own country taking away jobs from my own fellow citizens that it fills me with a murderous rage -- much more so than when I see spics and niggers walking around, and I hate them too. If I see chinks and pops taking away HIGH PAYING jobs from Americans, that is what will set me off along with many other Americans. Day of the Rope cannot come soon enough.

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all* ftfy

Australia used to be cool when it was literally colonized by british prisoners as a punishment. The chinks run it now and they gave up all their rights.

I hope you all drown in shit.

No one is made strong by having paradoxical street shutters flooding into their country. You will take the same job for way less money and fuck everything up anyway. No one likes your species, you don't even like yourselves.


Why desecrate an old growth forest like that. Just stick them in detroit with a wad of cash tied around their neck

LMAO NO THERE ISNT! Half of the western half of the US is endless nothing with ZERO infrastructure and long plains! Vast desserts and MOUNTAINS! We want to keep our country green and its IRONIC leftist want to be green and invite EVERYONE into our full country!


In the lower 48 it's farmland. Here it's awesome land.

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Wisconsin's rather nice desu. It's like an America from 30-40 years ago. Not overloaded with browns besides Milwaukee, and most major cities are still full of genuinely nice people.

Fuck MN though, I couldn't believe how many bulbheads were there

Sahara desert is empty. Try there.

but what you have to understand is our overall population is still pretty high for the amount of gibs

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