How do we get Hispanics to vote for Trump?

How do we get Hispanics to vote for Trump?

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Bullfights at Trump rallies.

By killing yourself asap

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Free tortillas

Same way you get blacks to vote for Biden

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They are going to vote like the political illiterates that they are. Look at the state of "hispanic" countries around the world, they are all filled with corruption, as well as lack any proper interpretation of political doctrine.

Now remove that meme flag bitch, so i can see where your punk ass is from.

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Dios Mio, they all have the same face...

By saging and reporting this thread

Give tacos

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Girls accept whatever ideas the latest dick tells them to believe. Fuck some latino women for the cause and talk to them about the evil shit democrats do like Marina Abramovic's spirit cooking. They are catholic and superstitious, they hate that shit.

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I'm a spic and formet inmate. I'm voting for Trump. Yas Forumscucks can get dabbed on

Show them this.

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God, they're ugly

Elote for Vote

are there any pictures of biden with young black girls? i think i've only seen him with whites or asians


>The face of a Chad dad who is gonna improve his family by raising well adjusted daughters
How can one man win so bad?

These Latina feet will be the end of me

it's true. I'd show you my paperwork but I don't give a shit if you believe me.

Fuck off aztec animal. You’ll never be one of us. Vote for whoever will give you free shit like the rest of your pathetic mongrel race.

How did you find the same guy from the goblinas meme

Latinas are the future of the white race. What white women killed off, white men will resurrect in the womb of the prime Latina

>Fuck off aztec animal. You’ll never be one of us.
oh no! I'll never be a proud cuck that drives a minivan! what ever shall I do!
>vote for whoever gives you free shit
I work in IT I probably make more than you

I will never be white (I'm actually part german) but guess the closest I'll get is marrying a white girl and having mixed children :^)

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>muh drumpf
>but YOU better not vote for him
Okay shill

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By deporting themselves.

Lmao like clockwork. So many of you goblins browse here, I’ll never understand it. We don’t want you. Your orange zionist leader only wants you for your votes. Fuck off back to the shitholes your parents crawled out of.

by building the wall and discriminating against hispanics more


>go back to where your parents came from!
you first, white boy. this place (Los Angeles) used to be Mexican land. we are taking it back. get fucked Theodore

By gassing them all, spics are lower than niggers and Canadians and should be treated as such, I'd rather live around someone with ebola than some subhuman Amerindian mongrel.

Also gas all race traitors as well

By killing yourself

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Damn, now that you put it that way I guess you're right. Buying a plane ticket tomorrow

deport them and we dont have to

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Lmao. That place was Spanish for what, 100 years? And then Mexican for 20? American ever since. Yeah, a lot of you rats scurry around its streets now. But you’re relegated to the dregs of society. You’re gardeners, lawn mowers, gas station attendants. Or, as in your case, felons. You’re not “taking it back,” you’re crawling in its sewers for a shit paycheck so the kikes who run that city can have cheap labor. Tell me more about your IT job where you plug in network adapters at some worthless small business or public school, you insignificant animal. Lmfao